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Motorcycle Biker Discussion Board

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I had a 94 flhtc traded to a 1999 fltri. When i did the bikes running temp is almost un beleivable. The 94 with the 80 inch motor was much cooler is this normal? I have friends that have traded And went to 88 inch engines all with the same complant. I put synthic oil no change in temp. I added a true dual set of headers cooled down some. Is there a heat sheild avalible or is the 88 engine. A hot running motor and the new motors on all the harleys to hot for southern states in the summer.

some punk kid stole my bike, now that I got it back Im trying to find out what wires go where on the ignition swicth because they rip the wires to hot wire it. On the back of the swicth there are numbers. Does anyone know what color wires goes to what number, or how do I obtain a wiring diagram for the swicth Thank you

I own a 2000 Harley-Davidson Road King Trike (Hayden Mod) and the battery is dead. I wish to service it and add a Battery Tender to it - but I do not know where the battery is (under the seat) and how to get to it. Can someone please help me? Steve Oxman Home number is 410-956-3080 in Riva, MD Thanks!!!!!

wiring diagram for starter relay and solenoid switch 1977 harley davidson sportster xl

there is a good spark and fuel in the tank and there is fuel getting in to the bore because when i take out the spark plug is wet with petrol and some times it will back fire and it wont do it again for about 20 kicks thank you for your help

1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade Had problems with starter button when I changed it I blew a fuse, changed the fuse still no light checked for power at fuse yes but none at head light any help please thanks rick

I need instructions on changing the oil on my harley. Thank you

hi ive got a warped head on my 85 wing as coolant is blowing out my pipes. i want to try to remove my heads myself to save money and send them away to get polished. is this something i should attempt. im slightly mechanicl. are there any good sites that could guide me any better than the clymer book. thanks

i bought a 1996 sporty 1200 evo XLH with 18,ooo miles on it its a stock bike except pipes and carb is this fairly low mileage for this type bike?

I need to know about 1998 harley davidson fatboy electronic gauge package. My speedometer is not bright enough to see in the sun. How do I make it brighter if possible. What else does this electronic package do?

I bought a suzuki lightbar off ebay. I have it wired so it goes off when the bike is off. However I need to have the lightbar go off when I click on Highbeam. I am not sure how to do that. Can anyone help?

OK! Took my bike to a shop to have some work done, there for 2 months, got it back in worse shape than when I took it. Tried to find info on how to adjust the clutch. Any help out there??


Rear brake of Honda Goldwing 1500 have no pedal nad have bleed both front and rear calipers. Have also replaced with a new cylinder kit, no visual leaks. Please help on what may be wrong, any info would greatly appriciated.

OK ... I need help. I need to replace the stock between fuel tanks ignition - light switch on my FXSTS. That rotary unit with brass rod thing is not reliable. Seems that EVERY time I'm on a distance ride & needing to get somewhere, it messes up. Seems this is becoming an every month occurance. Anyway, ... I can't find a replacement in Custom Chrome or any other site I've tried. Anyone know who makes & where I can get a switch that is sealed (similar to that on my Sporty) that will fit & one that will not sacrifice the cover & looks of the original setting? Thanks. I appreciate your help. Braveheart;

I have a 77 sporster with some sort of problem I cannot figure out. I am sending this out in order to find someone who might be able to help. I have tried so much to fix it I am at my wits end. So here goes. I have had the valves redone and since have not been able to ride at a steady rpm above 2500 since. I can ride around town just fine but the minute I hold a steady rpm above 2500 It will start to pop and spit as though it were running out of gas. I let it idle down and it recovers and is just fine for about another quarter mile at a steady rpm. I have rebuilt the carb, replaced the coil, new plugs and wires, condenser and points, the gas cap is vented, said a few choice words, and probably a few other things I can't think of right now. Has anyone had this happen?

I have a 1999 Road King Classic and the speedometer works for about the first 30 miles of every trip but then starts jumping and then finally quits all together. Any ideas why and how to fix this?

I have a 97, GL1500. The cruise control will not "set". I have taken apart the set button and cleaned it. It seems to work intermittly when the bike is "cold", but not later. Any answers for me?


Just put in new battery and when I hit the switch, all I get is a clicking sound. Someone told me it might be the carburator. Do you have a schematic on how to remove and clean the carburator? Thanks

  • 05/10/2006

I replaced a ignition switch on a 1989 springer softtail. When disconnecting one of the wires from the switch itself I saw/heard a spark and the same when replacing it. Everything worked (lights, horn, dashlights)except the starter wouldn't when I pressed the start button. Did those sparks blow a fuse that might keep that button from working the starter? If so, where would that fuse be at so I could replace it? Thx for your time.

I have a 2006 road king, I am not happy w/the sound of the pipes, how can I make them louder? If I modify does that void my warranty?

Hi, I am in the process of cutomizing my 2006 883R HD. Everything is coming together with the low porfile seat, drag bars and lowering kit. The rear fender is about to get bobbed off and I will be putting a side mount license plate/brake light on. I just don't know what to do with the tail lights. I really want to have the rear end of the bike clutter free. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

The drifter is a bulky looking bike, but the sound is really subtle. Any tips on getting a beefier sound without replacing the stock pipes? Thanks

what is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to lower my bike so my feet touch the ground? I like the seat and don't want to replace it. I need 2+ inches to have my feet touch comfortably. Any ideas I can use for the weekend. Thanks.

I was in the process of replacing my bowl when a small bearing and spring fell out. Can anyone tell me where that goes or let me know where I can find a schematic. Thanks and Ride Safe.....

I have a 93 sporty 883 which simply quit shifting. It worked perfect one minute. Now it won't go into any gear. I pulled the primary and clutch and all looks fine. I'm stumped. Any ideas??

do i need to disconnect battery in my '85 fxrs before charging

can someone plz help me with a oil line routing diagram for a 94 883. thanks

Can any tell me why and how to fix it? I have a 2001 road king classic fuel injected, with vance and hines pipes. I am getting back fire when I am slowing down. I brought it to the dealer he said the injecters can not be adjusted and the vance and hines pipes push alot of air does that make sense?

please repsond

Can anyone tell me if a 2001 Harley 883 Sportster is a good Bike for two.

The battery is strong (even with a jump). My 1982 XLH sportster will not start up. I can get it started if I run (or get it push) and pop the clutch.

My manual is too old to make any sense. I do hear a click in a small black box attached on the backside of the oil tank. Could this be a relay switch that needs to be replaced? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

can anybody tell me what the difference between 2001 and 2002 wheels on the FLH line of Harleys. will 2002 wheels work on a 2001 ? any construtive help would be appricheted.

have a tach off a o3 roadking police special can't seem to get it to work i have a dyna s ignition will it is a 85 evo there are 3 wires on the tach orng blk purple one is light other is tach can't get it to work am i missing something HELP

I have recently purchased the plugs and adaptor to turn my turn signals into brake lights. The problem is my service manual wont tell me what color wire goes to the turn, brake on the harley. The kit explains their wiring but I need to know what my Harley colors are! Help, I have 5 wires to work with.


1994 FLSTC -- headlight and rear light not working. Need procedure for removing "dash" panel and resetting circuit breaker(s) -- ignition wire was replaced recently and I am wondering if this may be the issue ?

I'm looking for the manual book of honda cb 125 s 1978 single ... could someone help me if there's some information where i can donwload it.

Can someone set me up with a Oil routing Diagram for a 1996 Sportster?

Can someone tell me if my 04 dyna superglide suspension is adjustable.??? my manual refers to the fxdx superglide sport having an adjustable suspension, however I have heard my bike does,.... and from others does not have the option to adjust the suspension. I can not get an answer from anyone ???? Thanks

Massive 3 Day motorcycle auction schedlued for June 15th, 16th, 17th at Meadowbrook Farm during BIKE BASH 2006. Over 500 bikes to be auctioned off! Open to EVERYONE!! Accepting consignments now!

Call or email for more info! (603)893-7777

I have a 2001 FLHTCUI with a shorted stator. All the shops in the MS/LA area are weeks behind with service. How difficult is this to change? I do have an impact wrench which I know is needed to pull the clutch. Can anyone help me get back on the road?

2003 fxd changed out headlight mnt.for new harley chrome nacelle. no place to put original ground wire which was riveted to inside h/l housing.i put it all together, everything works but when either turn sig. is pushed tach drops to zero,odometer flashes on/off. even ran ground wire to batt. post. no diff.Made sure order /color of wires was same coming out of harness as going to headlight

I currently bought a 1975 xlh 1000 and the timing is off and i was wondering if someone could tell me how to set it any information would help thanks

How does the dust seal on the output shaft come off and do i need to buy the special tools for the locknut removal.Do i really need to buy a new locknut as recomended?

How does the dust seal on the output shaft come off and do i need to buy the special tools for the locknut removal.Do i really need to buy a new locknut as recomended?

Is there a web site where I can learn how to do maintenance on my scoot,(ie.,oil change, valve lap, gear box lube type,etc.) or should I just pay the jing for a manual?

I got my frame powder coated and when i put 79 fxe back together I'm not getting any spark. I used new plugs and wires and new coil but still no spark. What did I do wrong? does anyone have a wiring diagram I could use to see what I did wrong? thanks and email me at

I have a 2006 Ultra Classic with a rushing or static noise in the cb radio when transmitting. Noise does not change from channel to channel or when engine is off. Dealer says it is because of unmatched antenna (I don't think so), any ideas?

Thanks, Chuck

I have a 1997 HD 883 Sportster and want to check and add fluid if needed and don't know how to do this. If you could please let me know I'd appreciate it. Also don't know what fluid to use if needed. Thanks

I got a buddy that wants to put in an electric start button and I offered to help. Now I need some help. Sounds easy but marrige sounded easy too. Anyone got any ideas or tips? Thanx.

recently iwas involved in a crash where everything locked up when i tried to downshift from od to 4th gear on the highway back wheel locked up solid , bike crashed ,my wife and i ended up in hospital with serious injuries ............ wonder if anyone ever had similar problem appreciate any feedback

I have a new inner fairing to install on my 86 FLHTP. Does anyone know how to remove the ignition switch, (where the key goes in), from mount it is connected to so I can install it into the bottom of the new inner fairing. Thanks in advance for any info.

Bike ran fine first few days here in daytona at bike week then started skipping. Ran fine on exceleration but at a idle it would skip and back fired. I parkrd the bike and niticed oil from under the bike. If i started the bike it would not leak just going through the kicking process not the wall the bike. Any idea would trully help did it jump timming valves go out i did replace points at .018 as i was told. If anyone has any sites that would help me out to work on it thanks.

i have a 73 ironhead that i want to install the starter relay (3 prongs). but not sure how to wire it. please send any info thanks

Can anyone tell me if i swap out the bars on my 05 Fxst, will i void the warranty? my local bike shop want $750 for parts, $350 labor to install a set of $220 bars. dont make sence to me!!! when the manufacture tells me that i don't have to change my cables!!

Will a 2002 Electra Glide Classic I pillow top seat fit on the 00 Road King?

one of the fitting that come out of gas tank on my 2000 efi roadking is leaking...any ideas?

My 81' Suzuki GS750 is draining power from my battery when driving. It will not stay going when battery post are discopnnected. All paperwork on this problem says there should be 3 wires comming from my stater to test, however there are only 2 on my bike! What am I missing....besides the 3rd wire?!

  • goldwing 1200 radio cb and speakers don't work
  • Terry
  • 04/17/2006

radio and tape player work, no sound through speakers

I need a gas tank for 84 fxrt??? anyone have an idea where to get 1. Thanks. RD

I am looking for a 1997 XL1200 OWNER'S manual, not the 'cover all' service manual. Any ideas where I could get one? I appreciate it.....

Hi everybody, can you help me? Where I can download manual for my Vulcan or is there person who have it and send me? Thank you

Having trouble bleeding my front breaks not sure if it is a master cyclender problem or a leak. Any help would be most appriciated cause its getting riding weather.

Can anyone tell me how I can tell the difference between a '75 or'77 XLH and a '75 or '77 XLCH?

My 1997 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1500 is backfiring bad. I changed the plugs. I also had a ripped diaphram in the carb and had it j-welded. Any thoughts on what could be causing the problem. Thanks, David

Hi Louis - Your Sportster is backfiring when you installed a new exhaust system? Did you rejet the carb?

I have a 06 1200c sporty it is backfiring on decelerationit has new vance & hines exhaust. can any one tell me why ? or give me some advice please help louis

Can anyone tell me an affordable way to convert Roadking police Saddlebags to regular bags. I need the latch assemblies etc. Looking for aftermarket latch assemblies so I can remove the hockey puck. thanks,

would love to have a fuel guage added to my 06 sportster can anyone help. R LEDFORD

put battery back in 883 for spring start up. lite turns on on odometer but bike will not start--weak battery or fuse or other?

I have a 2000 harley heritage I have changed the breather put on a Vance and Hines 2 into 1 pro pipe and have a Yost power tube in my carburetor Can anyone recoment what size jets I should have Thanks


I have a 1999 Dyna Glide Twin Cam 88 FXDL that I have installed forward controls on. I would like to remove the mid shifter shaft that goes through the primary drive to give the bike that factory look instead of putting a chrome cap over the shaft. Is this alot of trouble? Does the primary and the clutches have to be removed completely? Help

I have recently purchased a 98' model Harley 1340 Heritage Springer and was wondering if someone could tell me the location of the oil drain plug.

I have recently purchased a 98' model Harley 1340 Heritage Springer and was wondering if someone could tell me the location of the oil drain plug.

i need a wiring diagram for an 1981 fxb sturgis. thanks.

i have a 1980 suzuki gs450L. the person i bought it from had put the wrong size rear tire on it. it's now rubbing away against the swing arm. i tried adjusting it so it wouldn't rub, but realized that i just need a new tire. anyone have any idea how to find out the RIGHT rear tire size? i read the clymer manual cover to cover, and nothing. i tried the internet, and finally ended up here. it's got a 130/90 16 on it now, and it's entirely too wide.

i have a 1980 suzuki gs450L. the person i bought it from had put the wrong size rear tire on it. it's now rubbing away against the swing arm. i tried adjusting it so it wouldn't rub, but realized that i just need a new tire. anyone have any idea how to find out the RIGHT rear tire size? i read the clymer manual cover to cover, and nothing. i tried the internet, and finally ended up here. it's got a 130/90 16 on it now, and it's entirely too wide.

I have a 2004 Vulcan 2000 with 600 miles. I can start it (in nuetral with greeen light on) no problem. When it runs for 5 minutes, the temp light goes on like it is overheating. At that time, I can not shift it into nuetral, and if I shut it off, it will not start until the engine has had sufficient time to cool down. Then it allows me to shift back into nuetral with ease, and start up, until it warms up. Is there a safety precaution that prevents the shift lever from going into nuetral and stops the bike from starting until the engine cools??? Hekp? Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to lower the seat height on a 1995 harley sporster 1200? If so, how difficult is it?

hi if anyone could email me instructions or tell me where to get installation instructions for forward controls for 97 sportster i would really apprettiate it.

does anyone know where I can download a wiring diagram for a 91 Sporty?

i recently had a prob. and had to correct it. now i'm trying to put it back together. the question i have is how to get the pushrods adjusted right. the motor is a 1340cc evo. they were in the last time but i forgot to mark them in the order they went when i took them, now i've got to get them back to where they were. how do i go about adjusting them? can you help a guy out? it would be much appreciated.

  • Which color wire is the brake lights on sportster 2005 1200XL
  • Tommy
  • 03/30/2006

I bought a Back Off brake light signal module for my Sportster 1200XL and I do not know which wire is the brake light. If you can help please email me.

I have a 1972 sportster and am trying to change the starter clutch. I have a book but it doesn't do a good job of describing how it's done. I need some help to get this classic back on the road, thanks

i am in bad need of a manual for my 2002 yamaha tdr 125, a manual for a yamaha dt 125 would help in a big way , any help would be greatly appreciated. please email me at

When I start my 1996 Ultra the oil pressure guage goes all the way to the right but sometimes after I get it real hot, the guage works for a while. The oil sending unit has two wires coming off it and I was wondering if that is bad or if there is something else that is less obvious that could be bad. Thanks for the help!!

I am confused....where does the 3 quarts of oil go in the 79 sportster? I know the oil pan below the seat does not hold that much. Does it go into the main gear/clutch housing? If so then it seems that I would want to use something different than 20-50 weight. The manual confuses me as it says something about 1.5 pints for transmission and 4 quarts total oil for engine..but I don't see any seperation between engine and transmission. Thanks for any reply.

does anyone know how to trouble shoot a spedo/odometer 2001 flhri It worked fine up to about 30K miles and then began just qite workind the light is good fuses all look good spedo moves some when turnnig ignition switch on

  • Low top end oil pressure on a 1340 EVO motor?
  • Mark Belden
  • 03/25/2006

I have low oil pressure on the top end of my 1340 EVO Motor. Can anyone tell me why and how to fix it. Thanks Mark

im looking to make my tour pak detachable.i have read some comments on the cost of all the hardware.does anyone know if the harness is all in one with all wiring (lights,speakers etc).and is it a quick connect or do you need to cut any wiring.and is it a simple connect and disconnect when it is all said and done.


have tried to bleed front break but havent had any luck. can anyone tell me how to do it correctley. i have a 1993 sporster XL1200

I have a new HD 883. First time motorcycle owner. The idle seems to be too low and the bike stalls. How do I increase the idle? Is the low idle due to the cold weather and should I leave it alone for now? Any suggestions?

i am trying to find out how to change handlebars on my 1996 Softail Custom Harley Davidson. Any help is appreciated.

I need to remove the battery from my 2005 883 sporster low. I can not remove the battery because I can not get to the negative cable due to the oil tank. Any tips or ideas. This is my first bike.

Trying to remove the gas tank from my 05 nightrain fuel injected. Any hints. I am replacing it with a stretched tank from Jireh. ANyone ever do this?

friend has 94 kawasaki 1500 vulcan, is there any way to bleed the clutch on this bike Ihave not looked good to see if there is a bleed mechanism or not, Help Please

looking for an original wireing diagram which covers tack wireing.

Can anyone reccommend a few GOOD Harley mechanic's in the bay area, I'm looking for someone or someones who is not spun, a person who will be reliable, dedecated and honest

anyone know where I can find a exploded view of a 1996 EVO 1340 motor online? Grateful for any help. Thanks

I am trying to remove the gas gauge from the tank, for a paint job, and I can't remove the two wires out of the plastic housing, in order to pull them out of the tank. any tricks to get them to disconnected.(the connector under the tank)

Looking for work shop manual of YZ 125 1991 model,if any body has pls mail me


Can anyone explain to me how to replace the two fuel lines on a 2001 RoadKing Classic? How or what is easiest way to drain gas tank and remove?


I want to fit a new twin cam type claipe to my 1340 evo (fatboy) i belive that there is a conversion braket made can anyone help me where to get one regards Lloyd

  • 97 fxstc Harley Davidson Backfiring through the carb while driving along
  • George
  • 03/12/2006

I was changing bulbs to 100 watt. When I changed the last bulb, the spots didn't work at all. Where is the fuse or circut breaker on a 1995 Heritage Softail? What did I do wrong I hate electrical problems! Email me with answer, THANKS

i have a 2003 softail standard, the speedometer has quet working on worked when i parked it and a hour later when i took off it wasn't working does anyone have any ideas for what i can check to try to get this working also at the same time the motor started shutting off without a warning it will just die as i'm going down the road any help will be greatly appriciated

thanks in advance brad

need to replace the turn singal relay on a 1994 1200 sportster but do not know where it is located.

Im ordering chome switches (turn signals) and housings for my 2000 Duece, wanting to know how to disconnect the throttle cables, any help would be appreciated. Thanx

  • mirrors with built in turn signals
  • Mike
  • 03/11/2006

I have a 1994 softail springer...I bought this bike with aftermarket mirrors that have the turn signals built into them...custom chrome I think? The L.E.D.S. in the turn signals are dim and the rear turn signals are bright. The bike has a badlander but I am only reading 10.5 volts to the front mirror turn signals. Is there some kind of resistor or diode I need to buy to step the voltage up?

I am thinking about buying a set of Vance&Hines BigShots for my 2000 Dyna Superglide.Will the changed exhaust backflow affect my carburation? If so, what carb. stage kit would I need to purchase if any.

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

if you know the max towing cap for a 883 05 custom sportster could you email me and let me know

The digital speedometer fell out today, is there anybody who can tell me what the problem could be? In my workmaual (Clymer) is described that there is a speedometer cable and i would be able to disconnect it to find out if it's broken. I cannot see any cable. Do i have to disconnect the tank? or is this an electrical problem? Thanks for all the info. XXX

Hi, just bought a Yamaha Majesty scooter second-hand for a very reasonable price. The battery was dead so we put a new one in it but the alarm came on and we cant figure out how to turn it off, thus we cant get it started. The previous owner had no alarm "fob" to turn it off so we're in a bit of a dilema...anyone know how to turn it off?

Thanks for all your help!

carb keeps getting fouled, do I need to have gas tank cleaned out? Also, should I put an inline fuel filter on to keep trash out of carb?

The fuel gauge float is stuck on full on my 04 softail night train. I am currently in east France with only a basic tool kit,and alone. Its a pain trying to judge how much fuel I have whilst trying to cover long distances,and contend with the alpine winter conditions. Is it easy to fix with only basic tools and how to do it,called my dealer but got a lecture about the warranty,nice as they serviced the bike prior to departure.

Any help before I leave this house and net connection?

Thanx Midge

got a new 06 love it!!! hooker slipons, power copmmander. 2 questions for you experts out there. 1) seems to make valve noise (some) Maybe thats because i had a softail before and the fairing keeps all the extra noise in ? Just curious. 2) whats the best map for my configuration. my current map is m807-214. Runs like a raped ape just want to know if anybody else has this combo, If there is a better one? Fuel milage -performance is the goal. only had it on for a couple of weeks rode 3 times. GREAT !!!

looking for diagram of starter motor and starting mechanism for harley davidson 89 superglide. instructions on removal and installation would also be helpful.

Hello everyone,

I just bought a used 99 ninja from a friend of mine. I rode it for about a wekk and it would not start again. I changed the battery, spark plugs and everything still not starting. Finally we broke down the fuel system and had the parts tested. All parts are in order. We are about to replace the fuel system relay, but I can't find it. Where is it located and is there anything else that we should check? I am a new rider and I am not very familiar with the working in's and out's of the cycle.

Thanks, Nemesis

1996 1200 sportster - I recently filled up and when I parked my bike I noticed a bunch of fuel leaking from the overflow hose infront of the engine. I had to shut off the fuel line to stop it from leaking. It is a lot of fuel and it doesn't stop for anything. Any tips on where to start? Thanks!

2000 dyna superglide FXD. Hit a large pothole and my engine light in the speedo came on. Runs great, no leaks fluid levels fine. I must have jolted a sensor to failure or somthing. All wiring looks in tact. Which sensor causes that light to come on? I bought the bike used with no owners manual. Shane

I bought a 1998 FatBoy, with aftermarket exhaust (different mounting brackets) I bought original brackets, how does the back braket mount ?

I recently removed left side primary cover to install clutch cable (first time ever touched one)when put cover back on and tried to start it but the starter didn't turn the engine on my 1979 1000 sportster. do I need to time it or what. notice a screw on bottom of cover i thought ajusts the tention on timeing chain but not sure what i,m doing but aim to learn. Same with clutch how do I adjust it currectly turn center screw till fill tention then turn lock nut to hold in place?

The inside of the saddle bags are hard plastic. Over time, they seem to curl inward causing the lid to hang lower and rub on the side of the bag. Does anyone know of a brace or frame that has been designed to help these bags hold their shape? Tanks, Chip

How do you remove the nut that connects the negative pole to the block? Is there a special tool for loosening it or do you cut the wire tie?

I was away for 6 months and had to leave my gpz 750 unitrac standing in the garage.On my return the front brakes could not generate enough pressure to use the brakes effectively,ie the brake lever could be pulled right up to the grip with out stopping the front wheel from turning.So the lever and resoviour are new, all the hoses have been change to braded,the calipers have been stripped and serviced,both pistons working fine,and new brake pads.And still the f*^"ing still wont function.Help me please................Thanks

I'm having clutch problems and want to know how many miles you should get out of a stock clutch? I have 28956 mi. now. She dosen't like to shift into and out of gears and nueutral is impossible to find. It feels like the clutch is staying ingaged. Any help? Thanks.

Bought the bike at a Harley shop 250 miles away and they told me then and still tell me they can put a electronic cruise control on it. When I ask the Harely dealers closer to me they say they have never heard of being able to do it on 2001 and older bikes. Has anyone ever done this? If so could you email me and let me know how you did it and what part #'s you may have used to do it. Thanks

I have a 1998 Harley Sporster 1200 Custom my wife rides with me a lot and she said the heat off the pipes burns her legs form the heat, is there any thing i can do fix this problem, it has heat shields on the pipes, has screaming eagle mufflers.

I have a 1982 XV750SE,problem is battery drains very quickly. Have been told this is probobly a problem due to a starter short. The battery in bike is new,is this a common fault. Also anyone know where to get low cost replacement,new very expensive.

I want to change the front seals on the fork. If anyone has a breakdown drawing of the fron forks of a 1990 heritage softail,so I can take it apart, and put it back again, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

My scooter's fuse blows everytime I change it. I thought maybe a main wire was stripped and groundingo out somewhere but after close scrutiny was unalble to find any damage. Is there anything else to look for? If anyone knows how to fix or diagnose this problem, please email me at


i need a color coded wiring diagram for ignitor box on 1990 1100 virago, yamaha

i have problems with voltage in my scoot. it`s allmost 20volts. i can`t find the voltage regulator- maybe there isn`t any? what part is responsible for voltage regulation in old honda scooters?? i can`t find any right answer - please help me! thanks

Hey, I've got a leak at the starter bendix thats appears to be from too much oil being slung by the clutch basket into this region.....didn't do it last year ??? Doesn't the oil supposed to be "sucked" out of the bottom of the clutch side and ran back into the oil bag ? Is a vent or something plugged up here ??? Thanks....

I need to remove the brake side of my mid control. from the footpeg a shaft is attached to the side of the engine. I removed a cotter pin from the end of the shaft from inside the engine cover. Is there a nut after that as well because I can't get the shaft to release or loosen. Also, if there is a nut can it be removed with out removing the whole side of the engine cover?..Thx

looking for wiring diagram for a 86 - 87 kawaski bayou we believe it is a 185 or 220. info would be great. thanks in advanced Debbie

Bike fell over, will not start all the time. When it does it will run great 'till I turn it off, then will not fire but gets fuel. Checked the carb looks ok and float is good thinking now maybe coil. Checked coil geting volts to one side of the primary only......where to go now ?

I have a 91 883 sportster I am installing a 180mm rear tire using a wide rim. I am looking for information on what the STOCK rear wheel sprocket off-set is. Thanks RP

does anyone know how many pounds of pressure to put in these shocks? If you do or know how I can find out email me at

To Wally with the 06 Ultra. I have one myself with all of 138 miles on it. Down for winter for new exhaust, seat, detachable tour pak, backrest, lighting, heated grips, etc. Be prepared to spend LOTS on HD parts at the dealer for the detachable rack for the tour pak ($129) 2 different kits for docking hardware ($45 for one $53 for the other) then between $200-$400 for detachable backrest/pad, then $35 for lock for rack, and $35 for lock for backrest. That doesn't begin to describe the large amount of time/labor for all the dismantling of the electrical/speaker wires, antenna, and if you have the tour pak off, you have to get an antenna relocation kit ($79) to use your radio. I did all that with my 99 Ultra, and it's a hassle unless you plan to ride a LOT of time with the tour pak off. Instead of getting a PT job to pay for all of this, do as we do, scour ebay for the parts. Lots of people, myself included, buy our parts there at 1/3 to 1/2 HD prices. Be careful who you buy from, and make sure their "feedback" indicates they are reputable. Got any more questions, or want more info, contact me any time.

just got 06 ultra and would like to be able to make tour pack detachable any tips

I was looking to switch gas tanks on my 2000FXDX. Does anybody know of a manufacturer that makes stretch tanks for DYNAS? I was also thinking of a tank mounted speedo. will the FXDWG tanks swap w/o problems??

My 1000 is stock i would like to build it to 72 cubic in with a short stroke. i was told it can be done without building the lower end by finding a set of cylinders with a 3 1/2 or 3 5/8 bore but i cant find the cylinders any advise is greatly appreciated

i just purchased a 94 kaw ninja 600r all the vacuum and gas lines are disconnected. any help would be appreciated. thank you in advance

just bought this standard and I want to change the exhaust, I want to go to something pretty loud and also what would I have to do with the fuel injection, any help would be apprieciated . Thanks

Can anyone tell me the exact position of the voltage regulator on a 1995 1500 Goldwing Aspencade.

I have been told that my battery problems are due to a bad reg. I have bought one but am unable to locate the old one even with the Haynes workshop manual.

Has any one got a more detailed wiring diagram for a zxr6 J2 set of clocks (for all the plug pins)the clocks are uk and the year is 2001-2002 regards jason

I want to change the outer primary cover on '97 FXDL. I want(hope)to keep this job very simple. I have the gaskets for the outer primary, durby cover and inspection cover. Is there any other gaskets I might need? Does the transmission fluid need to be drained before removal of the OP? Finally, is the transmission fluid the same thing as the primary/transmission lube I see for sale by Harley?

can anyone tell me if a fatboy front end will bolt on fxdl?

I want to replace the mid controls on my bike with forward controls. My question is how to remove the original shifter shaft and bracket? There doesnt appear to be much room behind the inner primary for a wrench!

runs fine at 100-120 kmph then starts to raddle, backfires a bit then loses all power slows downs to 30 kmph then comes back to life again and runs good again ??? would blowning stop light globes be a clue ?

I am trying to replace my starter and I have all the bolts out but there is something still holding on to the drive..I can't see it. does anyone know how to get this darn starter off please?? 1991 flhtp 1340 cc Than you,

Can anyone tell me how to change the oil in this hog it has 8000 miles and what kind of oil to use???

I have a early 1980 shovelhead.Turns a few were sold with 74" instead of 80". My question is I'd like to use my engine & tranny to build a rigid with a 250 rear.I found offset motor sprockets from 1/4 to 1" & off set trans. plates with the same. Is this enough? If not, what without creating a nightmare? Thanks

Anyone fun going to the Swap Meet and maybe to the Buffalo Rose to see M. Hornbuckle after? If so, let me know!

Can anyone tell me what type of motor mount the Harley FLSTC has? Mounted directly on the frame or is there a rubber motor mount on it? We are looking to buy and want some additional info before we settle on one. Thanks

i have a harness from ultima wiring harness and the is no where to hook up the regulator wire,do i hook it straight to the battery,there is no longer a circit breaker???

I am leaking from what appears to be my carb breather bolts and I can't seem to figure out why. I dont really knoe what the bolt does. Should it be tight or lose? I would love a little help. I am not the carburator guy. (1996 heitage)

I have a 65-69 HD swing arm frame running a 65 S&S Panhead motor with a with 4 speed transmission. I have a 5 speed from a 98 HD softail that I want to install with a 3 inch open belt primary. How difficult will this be to do?

Hey, I just bought a 2006 Kawasakii Vulcan. Even though it isn't Harley-Davidson, I'm still looking for a Vulcan 500cc windshield. Sure could use one for the highway!!! Please call me at 530-9615 and ask for Josh. THANKS!!!

I have a 94 Heritage. Changing from floorboards to OEM forward controls. I can't tell where to mount the rear brake resevoir. I need a pict of it mounted. Thanks

Anybody know where I can get a gas gauge for a 2005 xl1200c sportster? Harley said nothing available. Do I have to install a fat bob tank?

I got a Gen W/ built on Reg. can any one tell my how to or where to go to get wiring instructions to get rid of the old Reg. 70 XLH with a Delco type Reg. Thanks loads, G

Could someeone tell me what is the rear pulley size for a 99 mod heritage softail and would it change the top end speed if i put a 65 tooth on the back and leave the front as is, Thanks Lou

Could someone please tell me the location of the Engine Oil drain plug on a HD Heritage Softail 1998. I can only locate one plug & it is at the bottom of the primary case right next to the crankcase. Thanks in advance. Pat

recently bought this sportster . the clutch is not right. i need a diagram of the clutch assembly so i can put it together. thanx. micheala

Does anyone have illusrtations on how to remove the AM/FM Cassette radio from a 90 Ultra Classic? Or can you tell me where I can obtain this info? Please use "Radio Removal" as the subject line when emailing. Thanks, M.T.Man

i,m building a custom bike..softail with a s&s 97'' engine..a harley 5 spd and harley closed primary...i,m lost on the wireing all together...does any body have any kind of diagram for wireing a custom bike..thank you bill.

i have a short some were. my signal lights work when ideling. when rideing my signles dont work and i have a miss in my engine. some times will stall .like it is not geting it firer. it starts good iduls good,if have any suggestions mail me thank u

I bought a 1983 GPZ 750 off of ebay. The shipper told me that it started and ran before he packed it up. Since I received it Dec 24th, I have been unable to start it. I charged the battery and added gas, still won't start. I am waiting for a service manual, but until then I am missing some good riding days. Anyone can walk me through the steps it takes to start. It has carbs, and a choke. If I spray quick start fluid, where exactly do I spray it? Where is the air intake? Thanks. Any help is appreciated. KJ

ok, I am looking into getting a bike this winter. I want something with a little size, and some juice, not sure what to get, are custom bikes better? If you could hand pick the bike to buy what would you get, please respond to

thanks for your advice



I want to replace my primary cover on my 97 FXD what steps do i need to take in doing that (fluids and parts needed) besides the covers themselves manaul doesn't go over it. I'm obviously just learning a little help is appreciated considering im broke.

Just bought a 1980 electra glide what kind of oil and transmision fluid is recomended? Sure could use a service manual!!!!

Negative battery cable ALWAYS>>>>>>>>

I bought a 2005 FLHTCUI in July this year (last year?) When removing the battery for storage---I seem to remember that there is a certain order you are supposed to go in when removing the battery cables. Is it "Positive-first on/last off?" Or, last on-first off??? Help please. thanks, Jon P.S.--I'm afraid I might short something out, or loose tuning information stored in the chip.

i have a 74' 1000 sportster. i need to replace my oil pump. i heard that i will have to slit the case. is that true???

I have a '94 Dyna Glide and the foot lever (brake) is so high that my foot has to really curl up uncomfortably to stay covering the brake. Is there a way to lower it down some? I see the bolt that is easy enough to get off, but it seems things aren't really adjustible because you still have to put the cotter pin the same place as before. Am I wrong? I'll be the first to admit I'm one of the least mechanically inclined people I know, but I'm hoping that this is something someone can walk me through. Thanks for any sincere advice or help with this problem.

Just bought a 2003 softtail and need an owners manual. Know where I can find one?

I've just had my engine fully rebuilt, it's backfiring through the carb randomly. I've changed carb's and retimed the engine and it's still backfiring and the motor has little top end power. Any ideas what the problem could be? Much appreciated.

Can any body tell me where the fuse panel is located on a Suzuki Intruder 1500LE? The bike was given to me and I don't have a manual. Thanks

how do you remove the electrical coils from a 1982 goldwing ?

Hi i have a 2006 1200 sporty custom, The front forks have sagged real BAD when riding the forks are about 100mm from the bottom triple tree has anyone had this problem and what did they do to fix it? Thanks for your help

Ineed some help i bought mini gauges for my bike.I hade gauges on my tank i alimanated them. There was a plug with four wires on the bike harness.Ineed to know where to hook up my wires in that harness.My wires on my bike are green with white tracer,pink,orange,and black.The wires on my tach are black,red,blue,green.Can someone please help Thank you.

My wife bought me a tachometer addition kit, for my 03 superglide, for Christmas. The instructions tell me in several places to refer to the service manual. Problem is, I don't have one. Is there anyone out there that does have, and would send me a copy of pages concerning installation. Thanks

how do you get to the battery on a 1995 1200 sportser

looking for some direction/directions on installing a lowering kit on a 04 fat boy. there appears to only be 2 bolts and nuts

i have a 1994 flht won't start checked all fuses in fuse box behind headlight. all good. if i put 12 v from battery to coil it will run. can't see any broken wires is there a fuse somewhere i am missing. any help appreciated.

Yes can any body please help me out. I have a custom bike that has no turning signals. Would like to know how and where to buy the instructions and what i need to do this. Any help will be appreciated DRR

Has anyone ever seen I have a fuel injected 96 Rd King and after about 90 - 100 miles the fuel gauge will show less than quarter of atank and the fuel light will be on I stop and fill up it only takes about 1.3 gallons of fuel???

i have a factory original 2004 flhtcui that is being triked. i need to know what style & size(wide glide,fxdwg,39mm,41mm,ect.) the front end is so i can shop for a raked or adjustable triple tree. any info would be appreicated.

Hope someone can help. I have an 88 sportster that will not up shift at all. If I pull the trans it shifts fine on the bench. If I install it with it in 4th gear it downshifts great. Then shifts between 1st and neutral just fine but thats IT. I'm very knowledgabel about all H-D. I've checked every thing I can think of. Every thing looks good and seems to be to spec. It may be something obvious. But this has me stumped. Is there anything anyone thinks I can do or even double check? Thanks for any info

i have rebuilt my top end on the sporty and all is good but my problem is that my buddy took off the wiring when i wasn,t there. my question is... on the coil i have a single pole on one side of the coil and on the other side i have a set of two clips. does the white wire from both of the coil wiers go together onto the pole and the red and the blue wires go to the clips. does anyone know where to download a free wiring diagram for a 88 sporty? thanks merry merry Steve

  • Difference ????
  • Rob
  • 12/25/2005

Just bought a 1980 harley davidson. The guy told me it was an FLH model. Just for a second opinion, how can I tell the true difference between a FLH and FXE or FXWG. It looks like a FLH but how do I really tell since the motor is serialized and not the Frame??? Thanks alot and Merry Christmas!!

  • Owner's manual for 1987 Kaw Voyager
  • Levi
  • l&
  • 12/22/2005


Does anyone know where can I download a copy of the above from? Please answer to email address! Thanks & Merry Christmas!

i got a 1978 - 84 shovel head basket case,bike is all together,need wiring diagram for dyna electronic ignition to 2 dual tower dyna coils.single fire ignition,dual plug heads. thanks mic

Just installed chrome switch housing and cap kits, buy now the tach, radio, and break lights don't work. All the fuses checked out. Can someone help me, please????

Can anyone know tell me what the max size rear tire will fit on my 99 Super Glide without any modification.


Hi need help i own a 1986 honda goldwing 1200 that keeps blowing the 10amp ignition fuse as soon as it starts.

Has anyone installed the aluminum spun gauges on an older than '04 Electra? If so where can I find a connector ? I am trying to install on a 2000 Electra. The '00 uses a 6 pin conection, and the new gauges use a 12 pin.

The radio on my 1990 Ultra Classic more less works when it wants to. The on-off switch doesn't always seem to want to stay on. Sometimes when I push the switch the radio plays great. Other times when I push the switch the radio just flashes on and then off again. Has anyone else ever had this problem? What needs to be done to correct it? Is there an easy fix? Thanks, M.T. Man

I have a 2002 heritage softail and would like to know if it is possible to install roadking classic saddlebags on it, thanks,

  • flat spot
  • john gibson
  • 12/02/2005

my 01 softail has an s&s super e carb and has developed a flat spot when it starts as soon as yougive it alittle throttle it clears up also it is sucking fuel in the hypercharger hose plugs are carboned upon removal.

  • Wiring Diagram
  • Anne
  • 12/02/2005

HELP! Trying to find a wiring diagram for a 1991 FXSTC. Any help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • Battery Trouble
  • Kay
  • 11/30/2005

Help! My husband has 2004 Softtail Duece. If not started every day, battery goes dead. Pro's say nothing is wrong, use battery tender. Called to buy one for Christmas gift, guy said, no tender, use hot charge only on these new batteries. Something is wrong with this bike. Any suggestions where to look for problem HD mech's couldn't find? Thanks for any help. Any ideas for another Christmas gift?

Is there anyone who can tell me if I could fit a 160 rear tire on a 1999 Harley FXSTC without major changes? I had a 150/18 on it and now I want to go 160/18. I have replaced the belt/ pully with a chain/sproket. It appears that if I cut off the inner rear fender (bends/folds) on the sides it might work.

My primary crankcase is leaking. My guess is that the outer seal needs replacing. How do I get written instructions/diagram on how to do this repair myself?

Could any tell where I can download a repair manual for the above, I'm from the country-side in Australia and am finding it very difficult to find a hard copy. Thanks

check the solenoid, if it is like my shovelhead they are prone to solenoid trouble. try jumping the posts to see if it kicks over.

I would like to find some exploded diagrams of a shovelhead, lower end and cam assembly especially. Any ideas.


i have recently purchased a 1991 sportser. does anyone have any links to a site that can help me out my wiring. all i want is the most basic wiring schematic possible.head light,brake-tail light and thats about it.i would gratly appreciate it. thank you

2000 twin cam in 1993 elect glide Charlene Trudeau 11/15/2005 would like to know if i can use 93 module wired to 2000 ignition and if so what color wires should be spliced together thanx

Please send answer to my email --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

remove pushrod covers.....get a pair of bolt cutters-cut pushrods-throw them away....then install new seals and adjustable pushrods--otherwise u have to dis assemble top of motor...

Point gap on panhead is .018.........extending sportster front end-contact FORKING BY FRANK.........

  • Adding a 4" fork extention
  • Ron
  • 11/17/2005

Does anyone know of a website, or the best way to add a 4" front fork extention on a 1995 1200 Sportster? Hopefully a step by step diagram or helpful material to show how everything is done. First time attempting to do this kind of work on a bike.

  • 1982 FLH Starter Motor Problems...
  • Robby
  • 11/17/2005

1982 NOT 1985! I went to get on my bike this morning, 1982 FLH, and pushed the starter motor button and nothing engaged. I checked the battery and its all good. I tried to bump start it but it wouldnt start. Has anyone had this happen or does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks

  • 1982 FLH Starter Motor Problems...
  • Robby
  • 11/17/2005

1982 NOT 1985! I went to get on my bike this morning, 1982 FLH, and pushed the starter motor button and nothing engaged. I checked the battery and its all good. I tried to bump start it but it wouldnt start. Has anyone had this happen or does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks

  • 1982 FLH Starter Motor Problems...
  • Robby
  • 11/17/2005

1982 NOT 1985! I went to get on my bike this morning, 1982 FLH, and pushed the starter motor button and nothing engaged. I checked the battery and its all good. I tried to bump start it but it wouldnt start. Has anyone had this happen or does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks

  • 1985 FLH Starter Motor Problems...
  • Robby
  • 11/17/2005

I went to get on my bike this morning, 1982 FLH, and pushed the starter motor button and nothing engaged. I checked the battery and its all good. I tried to bump start it but it wouldnt start. Has anyone had this happen or does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks

  • Battery change
  • Ivan
  • 11/16/2005

How to change battery on Harley Davidson FatBoy? (answer to my e-mail, please)

  • 95 harley
  • george
  • 11/16/2005

not to sound stupid but what is the proper way to chech the engine and transmission oil, what is the recommended oil 20-50,

  • 2000 twin cam in 1993 elect glide
  • Charlene Trudeau
  • 11/15/2005

would like to know if i can use 93 module wired to 2000 ignition and if so what color wires should be spliced together thanx

  • 77 XL fork seal replacement
  • Rich
  • 11/14/2005

Got the left fork out of the tree, dust cover and retaining clip off, but the allen screw at the bottom of the slider will not loosen. It will spin but feel as though the part it screws into is spinning with it. What can I do to keep the inside piece from spinning so I can remove this screw?

  • 77 XL fork seal replacement
  • Rich
  • 11/14/2005

Got the left fork out of the tree, dust cover and retaining clip off, but the allen screw at the bottom of the slider will not loosen. It will spin but feel as though the part it screws into is spinning with it. What can I do to keep the inside piece from spinning so I can remove this screw?

  • Left blinker problem
  • rick
  • 11/12/2005

I'm working on a 05 Electraglide and noticed after the cusomer left the LH blinkers dont work.I checked both bulbs and they'r fine.Would a bad fuse cause only one side not to work?

  • cable to the clutch
  • brenda
  • 11/11/2005

Hi husband has 97 sportster... the cable to the clutch broke and he can't get the cable off the clutch. What is the trick to that?

  • 1995 honda goldwing 1500gl aspencade
  • Donald
  • 11/11/2005

Can anyone tell me where I can obtain or download an owners manual for the above bike?

  • FLSTF Fork Oil
  • Paul Weber
  • 11/10/2005

After replacing fork oil on my FLSTF HD and all both bolts and drian plugs are tightened, can I just lower the bike off the lift or do I need to bleed the forks somehow?

  • Rear turn signals 97 883 Sport
  • ralph
  • 11/10/2005

I am trying to remove the rear turn signals on the bike and they will not come of after the bolt in the back is removed. Does any one know if they are attached to the frame in anyother way than just the bolt?

  • softail wireing
  • Guy
  • 11/09/2005

I have a dash for a softail not sure what year think it is 90 trying to figure out where all they go. There are two main wire's red and white then a green red orange yellow white and a plug with pink red blue brown can anyone tell me what is what?

  • electra glide fairing
  • keith
  • 11/09/2005

Just bought a 96 and up electra glide fairing. Now I need all the mounting hardware inside the fairing does anyone have the brackets I'm looking for?

  • Gas tank venting
  • jmc
  • 11/07/2005

I have a flat top gas tank with a crossover tube and another vent that comes out the bottom. Does that need to be hooked up to anything or can it be plugged? I just noticed that gas leaks out of it when I ride with a full tank.

  • Gas tank venting
  • jmc
  • 11/07/2005

I have a flat top gas tank with a crossover tube and another vent that comes out the bottom. Does that need to be hooked up to anything or can it be plugged? I just noticed that gas leaks out of it when I ride with a full tank.

  • gap setting for single point,dual plug for fl harley pan
  • lynda
  • 11/06/2005

  • duece windshield installation
  • jacqueline
  • 11/03/2005

I need some instructions on how to mount the used hardware and windshield I bought for my 2000 deuce. Can anyone help a female that is somewhat mechanically inclined tackle this by herself? I know they go on the forks so hey I'm half way I dont need that kind of help. If any one has the official Harley instructions to scan and send that would be great. Plus I like to keep that stuff in case I resell it. Thanks.

  • oil leak
  • JEFF
  • 11/02/2005

My 2001 1200c Sportster keeps blowing the gaskets on the rocker covers. I have put three sets in and it only lasts a little while befor it is blowing oil out again. Also there seems to be a lot of oil blowing out of my breather vents (more than I think normal)

  • Throttle roll off
  • Chuck
  • 11/01/2005

The cruise control on my 2002 FLHTCUI will not engage, I get a code of 112 which is the throttle roll off. My manual does not tell me what to do to fix the problem. Any ideas?

  • ignition switch removal
  • Kris
  • 11/01/2005

I need to remove the ignition switch on my 2005 harley classic electra glide so I can remove the plastic piece undernieth. Any help? Thanks

  • reset factory harley alarm
  • john morgan
  • 10/31/2005

I disconnect my battery to clean the terminals and when I hooked it back up the engine won't turn over. I have good juice with the key on but nothing when you hit the starter button.

  • 10/31/2005


  • right front driving light
  • Brian
  • 10/30/2005

I have a 1987 softail classic. When I rev the engine the front right driving light dims or goes out. The turn signal works fine. If engine is off or idleing light works fine. HELP!

  • 2005 15th FATBOYS
  • 10/30/2005

I would like to know if anyone knows how many 15th anniversary fatboys were made.

  • putting a fat rear end on a harley sporster
  • paul
  • 10/29/2005

Has anyone any experience of putting a fat rear end on a sportser 883 custom harley?

  • cooling system diagram 93 600m ninja
  • mike roby
  • 10/29/2005

transplanted engine into 5/8 scale s-10 pick up think i have one hose backwards and engine will not ciculate properly.need visaul digram to sort out the problem.

  • cooling system diagram 93 600m ninja
  • mike roby
  • 10/29/2005

transplanted engine into 5/8 scale s-10 pick up think i have one hose backwards and engine will not ciculate properly.need visaul digram to sort out the problem.

  • suzuki savage
  • spider
  • 10/28/2005

I'm looking for a suzuki savage service manual free downloaud . Thank's.

  • 2003 Black & Silver Heritage Springers
  • Mike Jones
  • 10/28/2005

Can anyone tell me how many 2003 Silver and Black Heritage Springers were built?

  • Suzuki GS 125
  • Denzal
  • 10/26/2005

After replacing the rear wheel on the GS 125 I cannot get the exhaust pipe to line up Any help would be welcome

  • Suzuki GS 125
  • Denzal
  • 10/26/2005

After replacing the rear wheel on the GS 125 I cannot get the exhaust pipe to line up Any help would be welcome

  • Suzuki GS 125
  • Denzal
  • 10/26/2005

After replacing the rear wheel on the GS 125 I cannot get the exhaust pipe to line up Any help would be welcome

  • Alternator Problems
  • L A
  • 10/25/2005

I'm having a problem keeping my battery charged, I replaced it with a new one charged it up and went for a ride I noticed on the voltmeter started at 11.4 at about 45mph come to a stop light and voltmeter goes to 11.1 flash back to 11.2 a couple of times. turn on driving light and accessories goes to 10.8 and stays there until i get on brakes again down to 10.4 and will continue to drop I made it home and just for testing I held the brake on with all accessories and watched the meter come down to 7.8 when the engine stopped. what can be the problem?

  • 1997 ultra classic HD
  • Andy
  • 10/24/2005

Can anyone help me with the location of the fuse for my injectors.

  • battery tender for 2004 hd 1200
  • lou
  • 10/24/2005

I don't know how to remove the battery to install a battery tender. Can anyone help me...?

  • wheres the drain plug
  • john
  • 10/23/2005

i cant find the crank case drain plug for my 83 fxb. where the manual i have shows it should be it isn't. does anyone know where i can find an exploded view or picture of where it's supposed to be?

  • Running on one plug
  • Glen Woodard
  • 10/22/2005

I have a 1973 FL Shovelhead with a Crane electronic ignition, my problem is when I drive it for a while and it gets hot it starts running on one plug, sometimes it will clear up but usually returns. I have been told that it may be my electronic ignition. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Sportster just lost Spark / Fire
  • Shawn C D
  • 10/21/2005


I came to work no previous problems. Went to start it at lunch and it just turned over and over and over.

Went and bought a new Coil still NO spark.

I have NO IDEA what it might be...

99 Sportster has electronic ignition not condensor and points. Fuses are fine. Plenty of power in the battery.

This is my primary transportation while my wife is home with our son. Please help.

  • Sportster just lost Spark / Fire
  • Shawn C D
  • 10/21/2005


I came to work no previous problems. Went to start it at lunch and it just turned over and over and over.

Went and bought a new Coil still NO spark.

I have NO IDEA what it might be...

99 Sportster has electronic ignition not condensor and points. Fuses are fine. Plenty of power in the battery.

This is my primary transportation while my wife is home with our son. Please help.

i have a friend that has a 1996 evo 88 that back fires when it is cold. the bike is stock and has 25000 miles on it. i thought it might be timing a little off. any ideas will be greatfully looked in to and reported back.

I am looking for pictures from the Freedom across texas bike rally held in Weatherford TX. at the Rodeo grounds. If you have any please contact me at Mine were lost. Thanks!

I have an 88 sportster and the blinker wiring is jacked. It would be nice to have a wiring diagram. Any help?

I need to replace my speedometer on a 2002 Road King. How do I get the old one out???

Does anyone know if Front forks from a 03 fatboy will fit a 1999?

I have an old Harley and would like to get it cosmetically restored. I live in Arizona and would like to have it done locally. Anyone have a reputable mechanic or company that can do this?


I had problems with the starter not cranking and traced it to the digital dash sending a signal to the relay saying that it was running(over the preset rpm). This happens intermittenly, If it won't crank, if I turn the key off then back on, it will reset then maybe will crank again. Is there any fix for this? I disconnected the wire leading to the relay for now, but I like the safty of it just in case I use the wrong thumb when I use the horn.

I got this bike from my dad who let it sit for a while (only 8500 miles). He said he cranked it a few months ago. I have read the manual and tried repeatedly to get it cranked. It turns over but does not fire up. To make it jealous I fired up my 1100 V-Star but that did not work either. Any suggestions?


how can i find out the year of a honda melody

was wondering if anybody could help me with some information on how tight are the bolts on the heads of a rev tech 100inch or need to behow tight thank you very much

I have a 1987 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-600B.. After it sits for like 2 days and I go to start it, it just cranks and cranks till the battery goes dead.. The only way to start it is to jump it to my car so it doesn't go dead, then I sit there and crank it for like 10 minutes till it finally turns over and starts.. After it is warm though it starts right up.. So please leave some advice..

I need instructions for oil change on a 2002 fxst with a 88 ci twin cam motor. Pulled what appeared to be the oil drain plug on the right side of the oil pan with a hex wrench. Didn't get hardley any oil. Please inform me what this plug is and how to drain the oil. Didn't get an owners manuel and ordered a service manuel today, but would like to get this done now.......Thank you.

I have a wiring diagram for 74 Sporty XLH & XLCH that can be attached to an email if it is still needed. Hambone

Rounding a corner, the drive belt snapped on my Ultra causing the bike to lose control. The accident almost killed my husband. I have heard 2001 HD Ultra Classics are known for this. The bike is written off and the adjuster said it looks like something got caught between the belt and back sprocket. I am thinking design flaw...anyone else have snapped drive belts??

Brake light inop on our Harley we just bought. Bulb is fine and fluids are find and not leaking. Any ideas?

looking for a rear tail light led for my 02 duece.know where I can get one?

Need to replace the fuel gauge on cap on left side of fuel tank on a 96 HD road king. Sticker says not to turn. Any tips???

The bike is a 1992 Harley Softail, planning on changing the trans seals, also inner and outher primary gaskets. I have all the gaskets but was told that I need some special tools. Wanted to know exactly what tools that I will need and how much they cost. Was also told that it was a pretty hefty job. Is this something that is worth tackling myself.

I have a XV 1100 Virago California model looking for vacuumm hose rounting diagram any help will be greatly helpful

Can anyone help me with changing my trans fluid. Thanks

posted once then blam!!!!! spam!!!!! WHO KNEW......

I have come to a place where I cannot figure why my kicker lasts 3 weeks and Its not working anymore I even tried going back to a primary chain instead of a belt but its still the same. Ive tried everything and had a couple people try also and cant do it.

i have a kawasaki 750 vulcan 1993 i'm wondering if there is any where online that i can download the schematic for the I C Ignitor box on my kawasaki 750 vulcan 1993 if you know of a site i can get this at please let me know thanks Jeff (

i have a nakered 50 all the wires are everey where no lights ingnition etc can any one tell me how to wire it up to run coil wire magneto etc

I just bought an Ultra Classic the other day and the radio has a problem. It seems that the radio works when it wants to. When you push the "ON" button you can hear the speakers activate but no sound comes out. Once in a while the radio will come on and work just fine. My question is... Is this something that I can fix? Please send replies with subject matter "ULTRA RADIO" to Thanks, M.T.Man

My 98 Heritage Softail seems to be running too rich. I'm getting a lot of backfire when riding at low speeds. Just bought and haven't had one in 25 years. How do I adjust the carburator? Don't have manual.

Can anybody give some insights on how to change the transmission fluid on a 2001 Harley Sportster? It would be greatly appreciated.

whats up all, I have a nice 93 1200 sporty , well it was piece of shit. I hit the start switch and all i hear is a bunch of loud clicking from the starters sylenoid. Checked the battery connections , all fine . Is it likely to be the battery or relay ? any help.........

Hello, I bought a Harley 2005 Sportster 1200 custom, I have the black covers for the battery and the oil cover. The battery cover comes off easy, I cant get the oil cover off. I want to put chrome covers on.. Thanks, Mike

I ride a 95 HD Sporty Trike and I am a really big dude at 450 lbs so I consume quite a bit more fuel than the other guy's when in a pack run.I have too pull off for fuel before they do and it throws the whole run behind.Anybody know of a tank made to hold 5 or more gallons that will fit my trike.I have higher than normal handlebars so I want be hitting it.Thanks

How much trans fluid and does it go in primary side

  • engine not firring right in rear cylender on old sporty
  • marlin czupowski
  • 09/22/2005

I have an old 1977 1000cc sporty and the rear cylinder is not firring correctly. I have replaced all wirring,hand switiches,plugs,plug wires,coil,points,condensor,rebuilt generator,rebuilt carb,cheacked the tappets,and still haveing this problem. I did do a compression check on both cyclenders and both are 110psi to 115 psi. Need help bad thanks marlin

Just purchased a new 1200 Sporster Roadster. The bike runs great with no problems. I'm thinking of adding some different slip-on mufflers just to get a slightly louder/deeper sound quality. Not interested in any extra performance or power and definitely not interested in drap pipes. I've heard a Sportster with some Screamin Eagle II pipes and I think that is too loud also.

My questions: Anyone used the Harley Davidson slip-ons in the screamin Eagle section of the big book on a 2006 yet? If so, how much difference were they. I've been told they should work fine with probably no need for change in the jetting or anything else and would sound better but not super loud. I was told by the HD shop that these are not as open as the Screamin Eagle mufflers so they do not generally need any jet changes-but might.

Any other suggestions or opinions out there on this.

Main thing I want is a better slightly louder sound quality with no need to change jetting or tuning.

thanks Daryl

what should b the draw at the starter when starting this bike. amp.

looking for wiring diagram for 1990 heritage softail

The neutral safety light on my 1978 Gold Wing, remains lit in all five gears. Sometimes it will go out, but comes back on. The light is brighter in neutral, that is the only way I know it is in neutral.

What could be the problem???

98 Ultra Classic dies suddenly. Restarts only after removing and replacing plug wire and turning ignition off and on. Rider's gonna get run over one of these times! HELP!

I have a 2004 softtail standard with the satin primary cover I found a guy the bought a 2005 electraglide and took the crome primary off I was wondering if it will work on the softail

hello, my kawasaki voyager 1200 needs some clutch work done, i need a service manual for 1987, or tell me what the clutch is torqued to, thanks leonard

I have a 2003 sportster 1200 and have recently put new drag bars on it. After doing so the headlight, marker lights, and tail light will not work, but the brake light does. All the wires seem to be conected, any suggestions?

My battery keeps discharging and my generator is putting out 13 volts, new voltage regulator installed. Thanks,

Does anybody know the Tranny case oil capacity of a 2002 1200 XLH Sporty???..Plus...where is the oil drain located for the Motor oil? Thanks for any info Wade

Even a website w/such info would be outstanding..Manual & dealership tol;d me wrong...:-(

Recently purchased a 2000 Fatboy and am doing first oil change. Removed plug in bottom of oil pan and drained, removed oil filter. I noticed not a lot of oil drained into my pan and discovered oil still in the upper reservoir. Am I draining from the wrong place or is there a problem. Thanks....Gary

1997 fxdwg, the lower pushrod seal are leaking. As far as I know, bike is still stock except for the cam... do I need to remove the cyclinder in order to change the seals? If so, what else should I consider doing if I break it down that far, just buying the bike right now and it has 44k on it.

Itchy you might check the oil presure switch wire might be lose. also have you ever cleaned the oil presure screen. Just a few things to look at. Good luck ZIP.

I belive you should check the intake most likely its sucking air and causing it not to fire because of lack of fuel. try removing the intake and spraying fuel from a squrit or spray bottle and see if they both fire then.Might be that when the motor warms up the metal expands causing the intake to seal better causing the vacume to increase. Just a thought good luck ZIP.

I belive you should check the intake most likely its sucking air and causing it not to fire because of lack of fuel. try removing the intake and spraying fuel from a squrit or spray bottle and see if they both fire then. Just a thought good luck ZIP.

When I first start the bike it only fires on one cylinder. After it warms up the second cylinder kicks in. I have changed the coil, plugs and wires. If anyone has any info please let me know.

Correct emails address!

got pulled over in Fremont-no turn signals on bike-never came with any-got to put them on-help. The flasher switch ground wires are going to the oil switch and there is no plug at the top of the harness that goes to the handle bars. Can any one give me some tips or lead me in the rite direction?

1200 sportster running very hot even the seat was hot

Please tell me where the fuse box is located on my 2003 Ultra Classic

Does anyone know how to install handgrips on a 2003 sporster I just gor new ones and ther was no instructions in the package

What is the oil capacity and what grade should be used? 1996 FLHC Road King 1340cc

i have a 2000 dyna-- check engine light comes on while driving and speedo goes to zero then it jumps back up-it goes up and down for a whilee then runs right but--my headlight dims and brightens also??any ideas?


95 Fatboy with a 100" patrick billett engine, I have a large amount of cylinder pressure and the crank case vent is pulling vaccum, does any one know the easiest way to re-time of double check breather timing.

Can anyone shed some light on the fact that my ride starts with no problem and after it is warmed up it dies and is very hard to start.Sometimes not at all.

After 50,000 miles, my 99 Fatboy's oil light began flickering on a few days ago as I was running the highway. I changed the oil and filter, but the light now stays on. I am afraid to run it for fear of damaging the evo. Do I assume the oil pump is bad? How difficult is it to replace, or can I rebuild it? Where do I start? Itchy~

  • 97 883 sportster
  • Pat
  • 09/06/2005

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a '97 Sportster 883?

If not for the whole bike, wiring for the charging system?



could anyone tell me why my turn signal works if the bike is standing and the wheel is turned , but as soon as it is upright and i am ready to go it doesn't work at all. There are no signals at for turning or flashers.

I have charging problems with my 84 Ironhead. One day while riding it wouldn't start. After we pushed it to get it started, it ran about 2 miles down the road and everything went dead. No lights, no horn, no signals, nothing. After sitting a short time it appeard to regain some juice so we pushed it again and I got about another 2 miles down the road. I took it home and did some tests which led me to replace the voltage regulator. Now all I get is about 11.2 volts at the battery with the bike running @ 2000 rpms. I pulled the generator apart and it looks pretty black. It also had black dust come out of it. The main amrature looks like it may have some bad spots but when field tested the generator seemed to be putting out 10 amps to the amp gauge. Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on? I can charge the battery full and ride it for a few hours but then the horn gets weak and the right hand signal gets slow and then pretty soon it won't start and then dead! Please help! Thanks!

I just did my carburator on my 1982 goldwing Im having trouble putting my cable back on does anyone have a diagram for the throttle hook up please thanks

Some installed turn signal and braking equalizer and the wires came off. I am trying to reconnect them but do not have any idea what goes where and no idea who makes it. It is a black device with no name any ideas, what can I do? is an online upscale and enviable collection of prom dress,prom gown,evening gown,cocktail dress.Set new trends with "" and leap ahead with high fashion chic costumes.Get the nerve of upbeat fashion and trend to clinch upscale appeal in fabulous cut to fit dresses with amazing FREE gifts too.

Trying to find out if I can go to a wider tire on my 2000 lowrider without changing anything else.

2002 HD Sprotster 1200C. When I downshift bike does not decline. Have to upshift, then downshift (sometimes more than once) to get it to "catch". Will physically click through all gears but does not downshift into all gears. When it does finally shift it's a big CLUNK. no issues while riding.

I am going to be installing an oil cooler on my 2001 XLH 883 Hugger. I am tring to determine which is the return line from the pump. If anyone has a diagram for instalation of a HD, Fadiator Style Oil Cooler, Please contact. Or anyone who can assist.

I have 93 fatboy I put a new battery in because the dealer said it had a bad cell I got home and tried to restart wouldnt go I removed the positive cable and the motor quits running any sugestions what next??

I have 93 fatboy I put a new battery in because the dealer said it had a bad cell I got home and tried to restart wouldnt go I removed the positive cable and the motor quits running any sugestions what next??

Can anyone forward a link or explain the "jet" upgrade and drilling of the slide for screamin eagle muffler upgrade for my sportster. I would like to perform this upgrade myself if possible.


How big a job is it to remove the fairing to install gauges and stereo system??


My sporty will stay charged for a day then I have to put the battery on the charger over night to be able to ride the next day. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

i'm looking for a diagram of a throotle assembly for an 01' deuce. Mainly i need a diagram of the brake and the housing. Thank you

My dealer told me to not exceed 55 mph for the first 300 miles, then not to exceed 65 mph for the next 300 miles. After 2 months I have 3800 miles and everything works fine.

If I take off my clutch housing cover will oil leak out or is it in another chamber. Where can i get a diagram of 97 Custom Sportster Clutch Housing

I just put Vance & Hines staggered big shots of my 2005 EFI Fatboy. The dealer said the chip and EFI setting is correct, yet it back fires a lot when you down throttle. Is this normal?

I have a 2005 Fatboy and after I changed the brake lever the brake light stays on? Any suggestions?

  • 1982 Sturgis stuck in high gear
  • Bradley
  • 08/23/2005

My FXB is stuck in high gear. Could it be the return spring? And is the spring buried inside the tranny? Anyone ever had this problem? Just when I thought I'd seen everything this bike could throw at me..................

I am new to Harley Davidson and wanted to get more info on what the engine is going thru during break in. Also any tips on breaking the engine in... Do's and don'ts.

trying to install outer primary chrome cover on 05 sportster need help with disconnecting the clutch

  • How to take the seat off of 1997 Heritage to change the battery
  • Mac
  • 08/21/2005

The battery went dead on my '97 Heritage and I can't find out how to change it. I think you have to remove the seat, but I do not see how to do that. Help Please!

Hi bikers,

I'm looking for the electrical schematic of this used Yamaha XJ 650 J I just bought. Please, if somebody have it, it would be very apreciated, I really need it to put my bike on the road!

Thanks a lot

Ok bought a new pair of chromed shocks from ebay rated for a 05 softale and installed them today everything came off ok and went on ok ,But went to climb on the bike it sounded like something is lose and hitting & making a banging noise with out the bike running and it seems to be coming from the swing arm or wear the shock bolt on at the rear of the bike I have the preload set to wear the stock shock were and the height seems to be the same it driving me crazy I can`t find were the clicking and banging is coming from. any help would be greatful . Mike

I just purchased a 2001 Deuce from a friend and I finally figured out how to set the code so I can disarm the alarm via the blinker switches. The problem is the alarm does not sound when I trip the alarm. Only the lights flash. I know it worked about 6 months ago because I bought the bike from a friend who demonstrated how the alarm works. Does anyone know where the siron is physically located. I am hoping that the 9v battery is shorted or a wire came off.

I have a 1982 Harley Davidson FLH with a 1340 shovelhead motor. i rebuilt the whole bike and can't figure out the fuel and oil lines, all the way from tanks to motor, can somebody send me a diagram on what hoses go where please?

I have a 93 FXLR with new compu-fire ignition & coil. Now the rear cylinder seems to fuel foul at about 150 to 200 miles which was not happening before the new ignition system was installed. Current settings are at 50% rev & #4 rear cylinder curve. Scooter also has crane cam (mild) heads shaved 30/1000 with crane valves & 51mm big bore carb. Any thoughts or help would be awesome. Please reply with group & email both

Hey there dudes, does anyone have any idea of where i can download a copy of the yamaha XJ1100 owners or service manual from? im in the UK and a hard copy of this manual cannot be bought... please help! cheers

Just wondering what kind of oil and how much I need for the transmision of my 1995 sportster 1200. thanx


Can't keep a battery in the bike, after last ride checked battery with meter and it appeared that the polarties reversed....HELP!

Guys Bought a 2003 HD 883 Sportster, it had 1600 miles on it. I only ride it once a month to keep it lubed.( Its for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter who was born on 030403, same number as FD guys who died in 9/11,BTW i'm FD as well, see the picture) Since I got it, I ridden it 2x. It keeps blowing oil out from behind the air cleaner onto the oil tank and exhaust. Any idea's???? Sante

I'm looking for a new or used starter for a 1998 Hugger.....can anyone help?????

Im in need of an oil schematic to download for an S&S 1998 96 inch motor

I have a 2004 Harley Ultral classic. The CB radio squeals every time I key up the radio. I Harley replaced the radio and both cords to the head sets. After this was repalced the CB worked great for about 4 hours then it started squealing again. any ideas.

I have a 450 motor and a bare hard tail frame and dont have any idea what I have to do as far wiring just to get it running

Where is the drain plug for the engine on my 99 electraglide classi?

Im looking for a right side(or a pair) of air cleaner covers for a 96 1100 virgo. The parts for this bike are hard to come by. Any info on where I could possibly find used ones or compare prices on the new ones greatly appreciated.

On the pipe question go with the Vance & hines Longshot they sound great.

I need to know what each one of the seven wires goes to what go to the key switch, what color so on. I bought a stunt bike with no key switch need to know how to bypass the switch. Any help would be appreciated.

bike will start right up, runs for 3 seconds than shuts off. bike has 8500 miles on it, always ran perfect till this. What could be the problem.

HELP!!! I have a 2000 fxsts it just quite running yesterday. It has no spark. I have replaced the ignition module and coil with a spare a freiend had. Still no spark what else could be the problem?

I would like to know what the jet size would be for a Supersport Super G carburator on a 1977 Ironhead Sportster (1000cc)stock.

I have a 1995 Vulcan 500. I'm having problems with the timing does anyone know the proper way to adjust it? It backfires when the throttle is released and seems to hold back at lower RPM's and at higher RPM's it does not run smoothly or consistent, more like "on off" if anyone can suggest anything i would greatly appreciate it.


what would cause oil to come into aircleaner out of rear cylinder breather hose ?

Just bought a 1980 sportster but the turn signals and breaklights don't work. Where can I find the fuses? or any other suggestions?

Just got a 1990 FXSTS Sringer Softail, and the turn signals are not working. Does anyone know where the fuses are on this bike? Or what else could be causing proble?

Doing my hog clutch and would really appreciate any information any one may have or even an email on the section in the manual as I really do want to do this myself but I just want to check I am on the right path... Let me know PLEASE

Where and how do I drain the entire bike of oil and trans fluid so I can go to synthetic oil?

  • Want suggestion for new pipes for 2005 Softail Deluxe
  • Gayle OConnor
  • 08/05/2005

When I bought the bike, they scheduled me for a Stage One on August 23. At the time, they told me there wern't hardly any choices for pipes with the '05 Softail Deluxe. I really want my bike to sound loud, low and rumbly. I know NOTHING about pipes and don't want to be sold something that I'm not happy with at the dealer. Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you!

Hey, I have a 79 harley flh and it has two selenoids. Why would it have two? The guy before me changed a lot on it.

I have a 1997 H/D Road King Fuel Injected 1340 motor that the engine light comes on and stays on when riding. Also the bike is idling really high. Any suggestions to what might be the problem??? Thanks




just got a 99 Road King. Has the factory cruise, but I can't get it to work. What are possible problems?

Many service manuals can be downloaded from this site free:

Ok...guys I really need help here...Refer to comment below...Someone said it might be the coil..Anyone have any ideas???plllllzzzzzz...Email me...I have to get her going..summer is coming..:-)

I have a 1988 Honda Goldwing GL1500 the tachometer is not working and I am trying to locate where the sensor is on the engine? that sends the information to the instrument panel. can any of you assist

how do you check the oil level on a 1993 virago 535, i found the filler hole on the shifter /front side of bike, but theirs no dip stick to show me the level of oil in there. thanks if you can help steve

I need help, my bike just started spewing gas out of the overflow on the carburator and it won't stop. Please help me. It's a 1984 FXST, thanks


  • 03 HD Electra Glide electrical problems
  • Matt Hardy
  • 07/27/2005

My 03 Electra Glide Ulra had the circuit breaker recall completed last year. I have had 2 complete power failures while driving since. Bike will restart after cooling for 10 minutes. Dealer hasn't/can't fix the problem. Has anyone had this issue and found a soultion to fix?

Many thanks, Ride Safe

  • The front brake caliper(s) make an irritating rubbing sound
  • Mike     
  • 07/26/2005

Well HD has not yet fix that irritating rubbing sound because I have it on my 05 Softale Deluxe, both front and rear what i was told to try is replace the rotors & pads not a cheap fix but what can you do,I am not sure about your scooter but mine have the cheapest rotors HD could find. Beside the irritating sound they rust up in a fog then you have to brake out the metal polish and spend a hour or more rubbing off the rust.

i bought this bike wrecked and have been rebuilding it, and i got it running went through almost the whole bike. i had been riding it for about two months everyday to work. everything was fine and it ran great! well until last sunday,i went on a long ride and at the end of the ride i was losing power. by the time i got home there was gas running out of the air box and it wouldnt start. so i took it apart replaced the spark plugs and then i ran fine. i rode it for a couple days and then it did it again. i dont understand,i had a dealer go through the carbs and i went through the rest. I NEED HELP! i dont know alot about bikes yet and im tired of shooting in the dark.

My wife's Sportster's brake light stays on. Anybody have that problem and how to fix, please?

The front brake caliper(s) make an irritating rubbing sound with each revolution of the wheel. Dealer has cleaned rotor etc 2 or 3 times & says most 2004 Harleys have this defect & there is no solution from Harley's Tech Dept. Bike has 5000 miles and has done this from first mile. Any solution?

Does anyone know what will cause a clutch cable to push oil out of the adjuster?

Can anyone email me with directions for adjusting the clutch on my Sportster? I've seen some information that involves taking the clutch plate off and others by adjusting the cable itself. (?) Could really use the help. Thanks.


Help, I started my bike today and it hesitated then finally started but the starter kept turning over even after the bike was running....I even tried turning the key kept turning over until I assume it killed the battery.....everything went dead after that......any suggestions or comments?


Working on removing rear wheel from 2002 Suzuki Intruder 1400 but my sockets are too fat for rear axle nut removal. Any suggestions on where to get correct socket will be greatly appreciated.

  • final drive prob. 82 yamaha xj1100 maxim
  • Gerald
  • gmacon24
  • 07/20/2005

My xj1100 is having a problem with shifting from 1st to 2nd when I roll on the throttle it misses and make a noise like the shaft is turning but not engaging until I let off the gas. I have a new clutch,its something else. Does anyone have any knowledge to share and also a line on parts for this bike. Thanks, G

I am installing a tachometer on my 2005 sportster,does anyone have a wiring diagram or information on what wires to connect the tach wire to at the coil.Can't find a service manual up here yet.Thanks in advance.

not sure if it's starter or solenoid- or other..but pushed starter button, and starter made crunching clunk sound, so i let off button immediately, then tried again, only to hear clicking sound. battery fully charged, no visible wire damage, and still-nothing from starter. not sure what to check next- replacement of parts or rebuild kit. and yes- i can do the work myself- just need a little guidance.

I have an Anniversary edition Electra Glide. Great Bike. When I get to half a tank of fuel it starts missing. When I fill it up it stops missing. I'm new to Harley's. What could be causing this.

would like to change oil myself on a 2000Harley Sportster Custom 1200, any advice?

I'm having trouble finding the main circuit breaker on the bike, does anyone know where it is located?

what is the idle setting for a 2001 harley ultra classic

My 99 sportster was running fine until today I was heading into my driveway and had to shut it off to open my garage door.Got back on the bike turned the key and run switch and got nothing no lights no starter no nothing.Has anyone ever had this problem.If so please let me know so I can try to fix it.thanks Bob

Looking to find the oil drain plug on a 99 dyna wide glide - pulled what i thought was the correct plug but only a little oil drained - can anyone tell me exactly where to find this thing? thanks for the assist - bill

Have a '94 sportster 1200 - looking for oil routing diagram.

Looking for the mix adjustment on carb, cant find have 94 springer softail, see the idle adjustment not mix adjust.

I have a 1990 FLHT Classic and the horn ground wire has come off. I can't seem to figure out how it goes back on. Any help would be appreciated.


I am having a problem with my 97' fuel injected Road King. I will be driving down the road and all of a sudden the bike will start to buck or cut out all together. Sometimes it will start again right away and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I can go for miles without a problem and sometimes it happens right away, so it doesn't matter if the bike is hot or cold. Has anyone ever heard of this problem and if you have what was the fix? This is very annoying because the bike is very unreliable. Has anyone ever heard of a computer going on a Harley? Email asap to get her back out on the road. Thanks L


I have a 1997 Fatboy. I changed the oil in the tank to Semi Synthtic), the crankcase oil has not been changed (not sure what oil is in the crankcase), could this be a problem. and how do I change the oil in the crankcase, where is the drain plug, someone please help.

can anyone help. my cruse control, speed odometer stopped working at the same time. i was setting the cruise and all of a sudden it happened. i checked fuses and all checked out ok. is there another fuse somewhere? thanks


I have a 2003 FXTB that puts out 121 whp. I am on my second alternator rotor. The first one (factory installed) chewed up the gears on the end of my crank. HD replaced it and the crank rebuilt the motor at no charge. Well, I just checked the new rotor and the gears are starting to fish hook and show alot of wear. Torque was good nothing was loose looks like they darn thing is just too whimpy. I am clueless, HELP!!

got all the junk out of the way can't get the axel bolt out of the hub

does anyone have awiring diagram for 92 herritage soft tail. I cant get the right turn signals to work and i think i have a bad ground or it is a wire on the ignition switch. every one in awhile i go to start it and the right signals start to flash....Help please

Rear brake pedal doesn't now operate my stop lamp (front is fine). Can anyone tell me where the switch is please for this ??


My dad just bought a 2001 Electra Glide. He is having trouble finding out to drain to oil out to fix a few problems. If anyone could please email us on this we would greatly appreciate it!

clutch still sucks

i have a 1977 ironhead sporty and the cluch is verry stiff. Is it just me or is there something i can do (besides burn the damn thing)

Hi folks. Does any body out there know where the speed sensor is located on a fatboy 2000 model ? Ive got the new sensor but cant find anything which looks like it on the dam bike. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I'm looking for a rear lowering kit for a 2002 Road King (FLHRI) with hard bags, but would like the option to switch to Leather Bags if I want to. The White Bros. kit sets the angle back on the shocks, as I understand it. Not sure about Burly, but, have been told they are either similar to, or the same as White Bros. From what I understand, these will not allow me to use the Leather Bag. A friend has told me to check a company by the name of TJ Products, which dropped the shocks straight down on his 1997 Road King. I've not been able to find them anywhere, on the internet or otherwise. Would appreciate some recommendations. Does anyone know the best way to do this, without changing shocks ???? Thanks a bunch. Ron

Bonnie you might try taking the light out of the picture and useing a light tester ground the tester lead to the fram and poke the tip of the tester in the wire from the switch left or right if it blinks on either side. I would guess it is probably the light haveing a grounding problum. Also I would look at the flasher itself it might be shot and need to be replaced. Good luck Zip. P.S. if all else fails when sitting on the motorcycle if you put your left arm straight out to your left it means left turn and if you bend it up at a 90 degree it means right turn and 90 dagree down means stop its all legal and works in a pinch. Have a great day.

What is the proper gap setting for the points. Thanks

Corrected the email address.

  • Harley starts runs 2 seconds then dies over and over???
  • Jim Perkins
  • 07/06/2005

Has anyone seen this problem. This is a 2002 Ultra Classic. As I said it starts runs about 2 seconds then dies as if the power were cut. My shop has no idea whats up and I can't get it to a Harley dealer in time for an upcoming trip.

i am trying to replace somthing inside a 750 spectre speedo and tach how do i get the inside back of to get to the plastic needle please help email me if anyone knows

1999 Harely 1200 cc XL battery is not being charged, what can I do to fix this problem?

Looking for online information or at least tourque specs for a Head gasket job on a 1982 Honda Goldwing GL1100. I need timing line-up and head tourqe specs plus some other small stuff...


  • 1989 Ninja 600 #2 cylinder dead
  • Tom W.
  • 07/03/2005

Having problems keeping the #2 cylinder to fire up.Went through the heads replaced Intake valve and rehoned the cylinder and carbs check out Ok. It has spark but still doesn't want to fire properly or at all. Need answers Thanks.

Have a problem with the neutral sensor will not show a green light at times so the bike wont start.I would like to know where the location of the sensor would be and if it would be a difficult task to replace it. Thanks in advance.

Which way on the fuel switch is the reserve tank, off, and regular tank. I have been out of riding for some time and got back into it recently. Please help. THANKS

Have a weird problem with the right turnsignal on my 96 Sporty, have to push the switch 10 or 15 times to get it to come on. The weird part is: then for a minute or two it will work with one push of the switch. After that, it's back to 10-15 times. Replaced the switch, does the same thing. Crossed the plugs under the seat, right to left, left to right, does the same thing. Left signal works fine. Anyone have any ideas on this? Zip?

I have a wierd problem with the right turn signal on my 96 Sporty. To get it to come on, I have to hit the switch 10 or 15 times. The weird part is that if I use it again within a minute or two, it comes on with one push. If I wait more than a minute or two, it's back to the 10-15 times. I replaced the switch, same thing. Out of curiosity, I crossed the plug-in things under the seat, Left to right, right to left, does the same thing. Left turn signal works fine. Anyone have any ideas on this? Zip?

Hi guys. Won a Sportster 883 in a charity raffle last year. As banned it was stored for quite a while, over which period I aptly lost the immobiliser fobs. Installed new immobiliser and fobs (including assigning them). Turns over, fires but still doesn't want to start. Been told the ECU needs remapping to recognise the new immobiliser. Dealers all fully booked and sun is here. Been told that the procedure is in the manual by a service manager. Can anyone help please???????

I need to know where oil drain plug is for 2000 1200 sportster I am mechanically challegned so any input would be great!! thanx

replaced with all new parts 1982 flt. 5-speed. still will not go into gear. Have tried everything in the book, but no go anyone have any idea what is wrong?

any idea on why my brake light wont brighten up when I brake? just put in new bulb too.

Still looking for a diagram to plumb by oil tank, my motor, to the oil cooler on the front of the bike...... Any help is appreciated....

I need a (not-so-basic) wiring diagram for my 1995 Kawasaki Voyager 1200. I'm putting it all together after a wreck. All wires are together & plugged in, EXCEPT I've got one fairly short wire on each side coming from the speakers that I cannot find a single place available to plug it into!! Is there anyone with expertise who can help??

i found 2 plugs...which one is the oil plug?

many thanks

is there a trick to getting a starter off? can not get mine to pulloff . please help.thank you.

I am a "Po Boy" who can't afford to buy a whole manual. I am needing a diagram for a '74 Shovel upper and Pan lower. My motor has locked up and I have to tear it down. I just need some guidance putting it back together. Don't have the money to take it to the shop. Have to do it myself. Thanks alot!

I want to replace the handle bars (replace with new) from a '04 roadking. but looking at it, the headlight bucket and the fork lock and the light switch for the highway lights are all in the way plus the chrome piece over the handle bar clamp. How do I remove all this stuff? I'm sure it's easier than it looks but I've never removed handle bars from this newer bike before. Thanks Guys

I have a 1996 kawasaki vulcan 500. When i turn it on the lights light up but when i press the ignition i just get a "click" and evrything goes dark. After that i can't even get the lights on the tank to light up, nothing. If i wait a few minutes they'll come back but again when i press the ignition, "click". I have a brand new battery. Is it the starter? Can i change it myself without taking the bike apart? PLEASE HELP! This beatiful weather and no bike is killing me!

i have a 1990 ultra classic and have a loud winding noise. have no idea where it comming from. if i rev the motor it sounds loud. info please thks

95 Kawasaki Vulcan 750. Ride around town starting and cutting it off and starting back up fine, will run forever. However take it on long ride of 100 miles or so without taking stops and the battery goes dead and shuts down the bike. Can anyone tell me the problem and what to do to fix it.

The stock dipstick on my Hugger sits too high and heats up when riding distances and in traffic. Any suggestions? recommendations? I'm trying to locate a lower profile dipstick or a better insultated one. I know they fixed the problem with the 2005s by making them pop ups - but that doesn't help me now! Thanks.

i got an 86 zx6 lastnight.i need to put te chain on,and adjust the valves.every store that might have a manual is closed today.can someone give me valve clearance and timming chain aligenment?thank's

Chad Menossi, It is nice to find you. I have been wondering how you are? I think of you a lot. Please email me. I would love to hear from you. Andrea

I am wondering what is the widest tires I can put on my stock wheels on my 04 fatboy. I talk to someone and they said that you can squeeze a 160 metzler on the back.


I am replacing the electronic speedo on my 96 sportster and have no wiring diagram. Need to know what pin number goes to which color wire coming to the speedo. HELP!

Got my wires crossed at the ever popular " aftermarket tank ignition switch",(the bar switch,not electronic),Does anyone have a sort of general diagram I could see.I can't find mine.I'm custom,not stock,and I realize there are different possibilities..any help would help!Thanks, Tony

I need a (not-so-basic) wiring diagram for my 1995 Kawasaki Voyager 1200. I'm putting it all together after a wreck. All wires are together & plugged in, EXCEPT I've got one fairly short wire on each side coming from the speakers that I cannot find a single place available to plug it into!! Is there anyone with expertise who can help??

I have bought a 1994 ultra classic electra glide, having touble using intercom & cb, and rear speakers dont seen to work unless squelch is operated. Does any one have a copy of the users handbook and / or a wiring diagram for the radio/ intercom / cb...etc.

many thanks...


How do I change the fork oil on my 1999 883 sportster

Sorry, guys, I mean the dash wiring diagram or explanation on the wiring, knowing that accessories cable should stay unplugged. Thanks

Hi Guys, I am looking for the dashboard connections for my Fat Boy 1994. This model should have a wire for accessories, left unplugged when no accessories. Thanks a lot

This bike has an electronic type speedometer. Would re-calibration or replacement be required with changing out transmission pulley on secondary drive if tire size remains the same? Thanks.--A.J.

a need a wireing diagram a 1977 1000 sportster

I have a 2003 Heritage Soft Tail Classic with a 2003 logo Windshield bag. What is the name of the Eastern Company building the kit to stop this bag from sagging and rubbing on the windshield? Ho do I contact them?

The drain is under the bike on the pan under the trans the plug is facing forward just about mid center you might think its the tranny drain but it is for both. Make sure you use a multi grade oil when you replace it 20/50 or stock harley oil. good luck and happy motoring. Zip.

just got a 1997 heritage softtail and neeed to change the oil but i cant find the drain plug or do i pull a hose to drain

I looking at a 1982 Honda CB 650 sc and the owner tells my the petcock is bad. However, the symptoms are fouled plugs after a day or two. Is that possible?

I am having a B*tch of a time trying to install a clutch cable. I was going to take it to the shop but by the time I get it back will be snowing again. Just looking for a diagram on the cluch cable and/or any suggestions. THANK YOU !!

I am looking for an oil line diagram for a 1979 FCH Classic. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Where is the engine oil drain plug on a 1997 Harley Super Glide? Is it an actual plug or is it a hose?

how do i adjust the valves

I was trying to find how to set the timing on a 1997 fuel injected eletra glide classic!!!

Can anyone help? My lights have sudenly stopped working, I thought it might be a fuse, but I cannot find where the fuses are located. My manual (haynes) is about as much good as a chocolate teapot, it just states there are some, but not where the are?

Does anyone know where I can find a oil line schematic for my 1988 883 sportster?

Thank you. Anthony

I have an 04' 1200C Sporster. I added dual discs brakes and I cannot build up pressure in the lines. I have checked the lines and connections. Everything appears to be assembled correctly. Everyone I talked to says to just keep bleeding the brakes. I have been doing this for 2 days. Any help would be appreciated.

The running lights (headlight and tail lights) are out on my bike. My rear brake light works when I hit the brake and I know the bulb in my front headlight works, I am not getting any power to the headlight though. I think I blew a fuse. I can not find the fuses on my bike. Does any one know where the fuses are on my bike, or is there some type of relay switch for the headlight?

How can i repair the linkage without taking off the inner primary? This is the linkage from my heel toe shifter to the tranny. It is a splined shaft (steel)which is connected to alumiun link. Due to vibration the alum piece has lost most of its splines. If they were the same metal I could spot weld them. I do not want to take my bike down for this .

I need a Clarion Radio for Kawasaki Voyager.

I need a wiring diagram. I am blowing the 10 amp fuse for the ignition circuit as soon as I turn in the key. the bike will start, but I have no headlight, tach, gas guage, fuel gauge.

I have a 1980 yamaha 1100 special I am trying to restore. However, I got a throttle control from ebay to replace one that was missing a start button. But when I combined them, the replacement only had three wires while the original one had FOUR. Two wires for the kill switch, one for the starter button and another loose one... is the loose one a ground wire? It is black and has a screwhole hook on the end... also the replacement throttle with one three wires had the outer rubber sleeve removed and was wrapped up with black electrical tape, thats why I assume one of the wires was removed... could you clarify? did I get the correct year part to match? or was the three wire different year than the four wire? thanks.

  • CB Radio & Stereo Speaker Problems
  • Bill Boaman
  • 06/04/2005

I have a 1996 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. The CB Radio is not working and also the rear and front stereo speakers. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Would anyone know how much oil a primary case for a 77 Super Glide takes??? And What weight I should use?

Help...anyone got a diagram on how to connect the oil lines from the engine to the oil tank....I have a oil cooler for the front of the bike also.... Thanks, JJ

i have a 1986 kawaski concorse the head works when the bike is cold but when the bike is hot the light gos off HELP

June 28th at 7:30 at The Ryan Center in Kingston Rhode Island. Ticket Prices range from $34 - $52. Call (401)788-3080 for more info. or to purchase tickets

Hello bill On some of the old ironhead starters being that they have been around awhile they get wore out. Its time to replace it or rebuild it. When they begain to drag they could over heat causing them to burn up. Kinda like using a drill with a dull bit and forceing to over work untill its stops. You might check with the HOG PEN in nice california they stock alot of old harley parts and might just have what you need to fix your old one or replace it. Just some ideas to get you going again. Good luck ZIP.

Hey pat ask rizzo or email him I gave him a complete brakdown on how to figure it out his question and email is down lower on the page.

starter has been draging for sometime now ,and now i get nothing,first bike.

Anybody out there have installation instructions for police solo seat, 2001 Road King??

I built a chopper out of a 74 xlch and converted it into an elctric start. I can not find anywhere in the manual the directions for which oil line goes where. I think I have them crossed because every few starts I spit a lot of oil out of the breather line, I am also only getting 10psi when I should be getting 30 on the oil pressure. If any one knows how to run ines on the side mount oil tank please let me know. I would gretaly appreciate it. Thanks.

My buddy dumped his bike today going really slow, when he got it up right it wouldn't start. Does anyone know if there is a cut off switch or some kind of kill switch that shuts the bike down when it gets dumped? Thanks TJ

I need to remove my oil pam from my suzuki GS750L. I took the screws out but the gasket is stil holding on tight. what do i do?

what kind of oil do i use and how much of it on a 87 883

I nee to find a 1993 HD Dyna manual any help?

Anyone out there have a service manual for this model? No one knows where the switches are located.

Zip or anyone else thats familiar with trouble shooting wiring?? In articles by Harley they all recommend a break out box and scanalyzer.I have several meters for checking voltage and ohms,I have a mac mulitmeter which has the arm for reading measurements, I also have Digital meter for measuring ohm as well as voltage.Can I use the equipment I have for trouble shooting electrical problems On my 2002 sportster.I am assuming that a break out box just gives me ability to check wires and circuts with out probing the plug.I am still trying to trouble shoot the tach, and have a CD that shows me what and how to trouble shoot, but it calls for all the above Fancey equipment and and all help would be greatly appreciated Ty

i have a 80 sportster xls,i just installed a chrome generator cover,when doing so i had to disect the generator,now no charging???i think i may have to polorize the unit????how????please help

Bob just a thought the problem might be in the radio controls in the handelbar switches they might of shorted and thats why the radio doesn't come on. You could remove the fairing and take the radio to a shop and have it checked out. The removel is quite simple. Just some ideas next time dont drown the dash with the hose water and electricty don't mix well. Good luck . ZIP.

washed my bike at the car wash. now radio doesn't work. lites on radio and bike work and even the clock..check the fuses ok, but still replaced them.. only clock and light on radio comes on, cant turn radio itself on. its been drying out for about 6 days, whats up. i dont think the radio is fried or there would be no light on radio or clock working. 2000 flhtci. help

Zip like you i am in my earl 50s and also I dont normally rely on anyone or any one thing, I was thinking on your terms and feel that i can trouble shoot with just a single test wire and DVOM, I appr4eciate all your avdvice and once again Thank you Keith

I own a 2003 Heritage Softail (FLSTCI). I know this seems like a dumb question, but how do I find out the size of the tail light bulb? I would like to replace it with an LED bulb. Apparently, HD changed these bulbs mid year of 2003. I have removed the original bulb, and it is not marked anywhere. It could be an 1156 or an 1157. Thanks for any help, I appreciate it. Mike

Keith I would think that if Harley makes a tool for checking a system on your motorcycle it would be to your advantage to own one but for the average home taught machanic its more of a trial and error. If you dont own these tools I would suggest trying to take the item out of the system and check it independently such as running a direct wire from the sending unit to the tach if it works then Id say its in the wiring somewhere if it does not id then check either the sending unit by replacing it or the tach.I myself am an oldschool home taught there isnt any old harley I could not fix. some of the new electric stuff will stump me for a while but with a little determanation i will over come the problem.I've been riding since I was 15yrs old im now 56yrs old I've never taken a bike to the shop. My answers to some of the questions on this site are to try to help other people like me figure it out for there self instead of paying a shop labor price and not knowing anything about the motorcycle they ride.Now back to your question if there is a tool to check out your problem buy it and make the job easy but i always believe there is always another way to solve the problem it might take a little longer but it can be done. I hope that this might help you good luck. Zip.


Thank you for the information.I traced back all my wires and found a direct short under the bike near the break switch. Thank you very much. I am now back up and running the roads again.

ZIP- Got your info on 2002 sportster,but when trouble shooting electrical do I need a scanalizer and break out boxes as noted in the Harley manual?Seems to me like I could use a DVOM??I guess I am asking does a person trouble shooting need all the fancey tools that Harley says you should use??Any and all suggestions would be appreciated Keith


What would be the best brake pads for a 05 Roadking Classic?

Hey Ken I would recomend getting rid of the zenith and replacing it with a bendix with a ajustable main they seem to work better and you can rejet it to what ever you like. On a 1000 i would belive it would work just fine for your needs as stock without much hassle. You could contac the Hog pen in NICE California Im sure he could sell you a good used one at a very good price. Just an idea. as for the spring on the float looking at the side of the float bowl with the hinge for the float the spring under the float then around the needle then just before you put the bowl all the way up you need to push the other end of the spring down inside the bowl as you put it up to tighten the bowl in place.the tab on the float should push the needle up to seat just about when the float is about 1/32 below the brim of the bowl. But if the needle isnt seating properly it will flood and fill up the crank case causing the oil to become deluited and not work as intended. Good luck . Zip.

TatKat if its starts klicking when you turn on the key its shot maybe! or it is to small of a relay or curcuit breaker or you have a direct short and its causing the curcuit breaker to work like its is suppose to preventing the wire from burning up or what ever it is connected to.For example if you have a wire that needs 12 amps running through it and you have a 10 amp curcuit breaker in line it will click it will require a 12 amp curcuit breaker to maintain the amperage needed.You could take a peice of 16 ga. wire with a fuse in line and replace the wire with the curcuit breaker and see if it blows the fuse if it does then Id say you have a short somewhere if it does not then Id look at the curcuit breaker. Just some Ideas to check out good luck . Zip.

please help me!!! I have my neighbors 83 sporster XLX 1000 with a zenith fixed jet carb. she wants me to get it running so she can sell it. I'm a auto tech by trade but have played with bikes for years. I cant seem to get the float level correct. either starving or flooding out the vent hole can anyone PLEASE tell me how the spring is supposed to set in the pivot and th eproper method for setting foat level. if I can get ti running good I want to buy it for a sunny day work commuter. Please e-mail me I found this site with a google search neet site guys!! thank you Ken C

i am having trouble with either a relay or a circuit breaker.How do you know when they are bad?What if it is showing continuaty.When I turn on the key it starts clicking.I Do not know what that means.PLEASE HELP. give me some ideas.

need the diagram for the tailight, cannot get inspection

Hello Guy What is a pancake tranny or did you mean a panhead tranny? Just in case it was the later I would say One Qt. but a pancake tranny Im not sure what your talking about unless its a Volks tranny on a trike. Just trying to help. have a great day . Zip.

Keith You might try to find the speed sensor it might be going out I would look in the electronic ignition area or some where near the crank. It has to be a sensor that counts RPM Iv. heard of them being magnetic and some times loseing there strenth to pick up RPM or get some debre on them causing them to lose their strength. Just a thought If i had a shop manuel I could tell you for sure but dont have one sorry. good luck .Zip.

  • Tachometer problems on 2002 sportster
  • Keith R Pemberton
  • 05/22/2005

I have a 2002 sportster with a Tach, tach was acting up, sometime work and then sometimes not.Well now it doesnt, any info on how to trouble shoot the tach?I am getting voltage tot he tach, when I start my sporty I see some movement of the tach needle?? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated

Check with CORBIN seat manufacturing they might just make a after market that would just fit your needs. If not it could be custom made to your needs if i had a picture of kinda what you needed or wanted.Or you could leave the stock solo and add a pinion pad for the passenger. just some ideas.

Does anyone know what kind of two seaters would fit on my brand new 2005 sportster 883 low. What years from bikes can I get them from and the sizes of bikes? Example:WIll a 1200c fit my bike or something of that nature.

while running new oil lines on my '77 sportster, i must have crossed one, idiot light stays on and pressure guage reads zero. there are 3 nipples coming out of the oil tank and i have an external cooler. can anybody tell me the proper routing? thanks and ride safe.

Does anyone know the fluid capacity of an 84 4 speed pancake tranny? I think it's somewhere around a pint and a half but don't want to over/under fill. Thanks in advance.

Good riding to you.

Stacey If it worked for two days then nothing I would look for a lose wire or ckeck to see if there is a relay or curcuit breaker in line from the pos. side of the ignition to the starter. Just some Ideas good luck. If it cranks but no fire look at the coil it might be on its way out.or a lose or bad wire to the points. Again good luck.

I can bypass ignition and hot start right to the starter from the battery but I cannot get the ignition to work. Took it all apart found this out put it back together it started for 2 days now back to square one. Any ideas?


Aileen You can try a shop called THE Hog Pen located in a town called NICE in california they stock alot of old and hard to find parts. Good luck.

Leroy maccoy lets see if we can brake this down to simply doing it easy. Look at this as two systems one for starting and running and the other for lights. From battery ground to ground. Positive to key switch from there to coil does not matter which side opposit side of ciol to points turn key on start bike. Now you have it running RIGHT! now for the lights all you need is a hot from the keyed on point unless you want the light to work when the bikes not running to a light switch from that piont two wires to the head light one for the low beam and one for the high beam and ground the light scocket to the light housing .that should take care of the front of the bike now for the rear two wires from the same location on the keyed switch to the rear one directly to the tail light and one to a brake light switch then to the brake light wire.I hope this helped if not ask and I will try to explane what you dont understand good luck Zip. P.S. you didnt mention if it was electric start or a kicker. If its electric from the keyed switch in the on position to the push botton then to the starter.

Tara I would recomend buying a new pair of shocks from harley it would be the safest way or depending on your weight you could have the springs cut on your stock shocks as long as you didnt bottom out after they were cut but if you picked up the bike then the springs would be lose untill in was sat back down. the second method would lower the biks but you might lose handling abilty.Have you thought of buying a pair of boots with heels? That way you wouldn't mess with all the enginering put into building it right. and it would handle the way it was desigend to.

I have a new sportster 883 low. Due to my height, the bike is still about 2 inches too high. I can reach the ground by only the balls of my feet. I want to get both feet firmly on the ground for comfort and safety. Should I get lowering shocks and would that work? Or, should I get lowering brackets? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated by myself and my husband.

i have a 77 sportster i have totally rebuilt it from ground up everything new need to find out timing specs for it please

i,ve recently customized 76 fx it had center dash on fatbobs ive switched to no dash and basic 3 prong key switch ,no wires in handle bars and a push button starter switch relocated under battery box i need basic wiring diagram with no turn signals or other lights only head and tail lights.... thanks for your help leroy the real mccoy out off the key..................

I have a 1968 900cc XLCH. It has a 4-5/8 stroker kit and is bored 50-over. I have S & S pistons, but am in dire need of piston rings. Can't seem to locate. Anyone have any ideas?

I have an 81 goldwing that turns over very slowly regardless or battery comdition. (even does it when I bypass the solenoid and use my car battery) I have two starters, so I tried both of them in my brother's Goldwind and they both work fine in his bike. What could be binding in there?

  • kawasaki 750 vulcan speedometer
  • kristie
  • 05/14/2005

I am trying to replace the bottom cover for the speedometer. How do I get the top ignition cover off? I have the headlight assembly off but can't seem to find out how to get the speedometer cover off. Any ideas?

  • kawasaki vulcan750 speedometer
  • Kristie
  • 05/14/2005

How do I replace the cover on the 2003 Vulcan 750 speedometer? I took the headlight assembly off and it looks like the top ignition cover needs to come off. any ideas?

Advice on installing 2" stretch Fat Bob tank with (3 light)dash on 94 sporty. Any coil or ignition relocation necc.? Put Tach in dash and keep speedo up front ? Any help would be appreciated.

I am in desperate need of a wiring schematic for a 1998 Sportster that I can download. I'm trying to install a Crane HI 4 ignition. This Harley came stock with the ignition located under the cam cover(nose cone).

Thanks, Matt

Look under the seat or side panels . But if im not mistakin there are circut brakers no fuses.

If its not droping below 12 volts i wouldn't worrie. But you might check the voltage regulator it might be on its way out.

my wife has a 91 sportster and it wont charge al the time sometimes it hit 14 volts and go to 12 thats in the batter and ever thing is tight and clean please help me shes want to ride it i dont get it

I'm looking for the fuse case location on a 1982 XLS. Anybody know where this is?

Time to replace the regulator DJ.

Hey george just get some steel plugwires and tie them togeather run two wires out of each coil hole. that way you only need one coil. It will work trust me.

Hey charles try running a ground wire from the light housing to the neg. side of the battery. sounds like there is no ground once you mount the light. just a thought .

Hello Jim if you have the light mounted with no rubber mounts its like this . Take the groung wire and ground it inside the light housing with a screw or rivit then run the high and low wires togeather to the switch it must be a three position switch put the low wire to one poll and the high wire to another poll now run a hot wire to the middle poll of the switch and your set power to each side high and low. the light will work if you use a direct full time hot wire if not you can run a hot wire from the keyd on positon of the key switch. I hope this helps and good luck.

Hey Ken if your battery is very low in charge or has a bad cell your charging system will not! charge the battery because of this when you start the bike and turn the lights on the bike dies. You will have to charge the battery first and then check the charging system by having the RPM at about 2500 and hold it steady there and disconnect the pos. side of the battery it should keep running if it dont the generator is bad and should be looked at another way would be to temp. install a amp guage between the neg. and the pos. terminal and check the output of the gen. just some things to try.

Hello I will be riding from fort hood Texas on or about 5/17/05 just thought Id see if anybody was going towards california that wanted somebody to ride with Im a married man 55 and stright up kind of guy ride a bager. Dont need a passanger you have to ride your own and know how to take care of youself dont want to babysit just thought i see if anybody was rideing that week towards california.


1978 evo; put on a new headlight and it worked fine while sitting in my garage (not running), dimmer and bright worked. I started the bike to ride it and the light did not work at all. Put old light back on and it did not work either. What can be wrong? Any ideas?

My bike will not start with lights on and wants to die if I turn them on need information to check charging sysem and a wiring diagram


I am looking for some instructions on installing a Burly lowering kit on my 1996 Electra Glide standard. I am looking for some illustrations?

thank you Eddie Holmes

all blinkers didnt work i replaced back turn signals,one doesnt work at all,and other one comes on and stays on,front ones dont work at all yet,any idea whats going on here,thanks for any help i can get

I have a 1988 heritage and rebuit the motor i have a new cam ,oil pump,lifters pushrods. and when i start it up my oil light stays on and oil comes out the breather on the carb. i have tryed to switch lines around and it did not help.does any body know what is going on. thanks

I am put bob tanks on my bike and I am in the process of putting a softail speedo on the bike I need the wiring diagram for the '93 sporty, to switch over.

looking for some info on how to hook up a tachometer on a 2004 Dyna Superglide

I need ignition coil for right side of a 1978 kz 1000

email Me if U have one with cost of shipping to Canada

I am looking for a wiring diagram for an 84 Harley Davidson FX Shovelhead????... Any suggestions??.. ECG